Yellow journalism, nervous governor and incompetent assistant


If politics were a religion, Bauchi State would be a center of pilgrimage. The spectacular political acumen of its people is unparalleled in contemporary Nigeria. The war of wits, the art of deception, the conspiracies, the attacks and counterattacks of different gladiators in their struggles for power are extraordinary. It never ceases to amaze audiences whenever a strange political brouhaha arises from the state as it currently unfolds, thanks to the yellow journalism of Sahara Reporters, the anxiety of Kaura, and the nonchalant Muktar Gidado.

Frank Luther Mott identifies yellow journalism based on five characteristics: scary headlines in large print, often minor news. abundant use of imaginary images or drawings. use of fake interviews, misleading headlines, pseudoscience and a parade of false learning from so-called experts. Sahara reporters gracefully lack none of the characteristics of yellow journalism.

Therefore, it is obvious to categorically reject their inciting headline that: “Former Air Chief of Staff Saddic, Ruling APC Recruits ‘1000 Militants, Political Thugs’ Ahead of Election in governorship of Bauchi.” Although we are warned never to underestimate a politician’s ego, well-meaning Nigerians will vouch that Saddique is a man of peace who can never succumb to his way to power using the same thug he’s fought all his life. career in the army.

Nevertheless, a counter-argument argues that the not too popular newspaper was hired by the ruling PDP to inflict serious political injury on Saddique and the APC, as the governor is afraid to face it in a pure political duel, especially with the momentum he is gaining and the goodwill of the electorate since his emergence as the standard bearer of the APC. Kaura is nervous and overwhelmed with the idea of ​​being forced out of office by Saddique on the upcoming Democracy Day of 2023.

This cannot be divorced from his incompetence, his patronage, his nepotism, the marginalization of certain parts of the state as well as his anti-mass policies which have won him more enemies than friends across the world. ‘State. Saddique’s emergence was key in the work of the Bauchi State PDP as they believed he was the candidate to beat in the 2023 elections.

Muktar Gidado has once again stuck his neck out to social media butchers and English language experts and learners. As much as I hate to crucify someone for mechanical errors or typos, I find it unforgivable that an acclaimed professional journalist like Gidado continues to ridicule himself, his principal and my condition with virtually avoidable mistakes that keep popping up in his press releases since his appointment. special assistance on media and publicity to the Governor of Bauchi State.

You cannot hold such a position and continue to make nonchalant mistakes without being fired by the governor unless you are hired on the recommendation of the first kady, as we are led to believe. Such examples remind me of the immaculate Ali M. Ali, who served in the same capacity during the government of MA Abubakar. Oh my God! I love Ali’s releases because they were vintage works of art, unlike the nightmares we experience at Gidado’s hands.

Far from violating our lingua franca, Gidado went ahead to expose their administration’s sinister attempt to tarnish Saddique’s image by trying to blame recent terrorist activity in the state on him only because Sahara Reporters said that he recruited political thugs. Are you telling me that my state security chief has no source of information until a newspaper reports it? This is all the more reason to reject Kaura and bring in someone with the wherewithal to secure the state without relying on the logs for information.

William Shakespeare has an appropriate expression for almost everything. He said, “Hell is empty and all the demons are here with us”. I pray that the machinations of all the demons among us will never succeed against us and our state, Amin.

Adamu Bello Mai-Bodi,
Residence Gidado Bombiyo,
K/Kaji Azare, Bauchi State


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