Why is journalism important?


By the young journalists of Sopris Sun

Maeve murray

After joining Sopris Sun’s new youth journalism program, we were asked a question: why is journalism important? We responded with different ways of saying: “disseminating information to the public” and “connecting the community”.

No matter how important these things were, throughout this program I achieved something that made me love journalism even more. As you get to know others in the community, you often learn more about yourself. Self-discovery is something we talk about a lot as a culture, but rarely get the chance to explore. As a high school student, I am often told that college is the time to “meet”. I have always found it frustrating because, quite simply, I want to find myself now!

After working with Raleigh, James, Jeanne and Myki for the past few months, I noticed that I was starting to find myself. Being respected as an adult makes you act like an adult, and that’s why I loved this program. Often at 16, if I walk into a room ready to work, most people still look down on me. However, love was radiating from the Sopris Sun when I walked in, and I could feel it. Because of this, I was motivated to work even harder.

Having mentors who genuinely care about your writing and are proud to see you published is extremely important – and rare. While exploring journalism, I explored what it means to affect a community. The work done at Sopris Sun – without trying to brag – is exceptional and important. The environment established in the Sopris Sun workspace is warm and welcoming and I am delighted to be part of this team.

Sophie koski

I’ve always thought newspapers are interesting, but a bit old-fashioned. I had probably never read The Sopris Sun until September, when the course started. I never dreamed of being part of it! Even when I started this journalism course, I didn’t think I would actually contribute content. But here I am, published regularly.

As I write this I have had three things in the journal, two drawings and an article, with more to come. I’m only 14 and hope to be a paid journalist and artist. This course opened up a whole new area of ​​possibilities for me, and I learned so much about all different aspects of journalism. I really enjoy learning the ethics of writing, accuracy and also how photography works.

It was also interesting to meet all these different people, to work together for the community! I even got an A + and an F, all in one class (thanks, Klaus), while eating free pizzas, sandwiches, and burritos (thanks, New York Pizza, Bonfire, and Dos Gringos). I am very grateful to Raleigh, James, Myki, Jeanne and all my comrades for helping me so far. I am also delighted to continue this journalist’s journey!

Jaris elliot

The Sopris Sun youth program is awesome! Our first semester was an exciting and educational experience.

I was able to explore my love for photography by taking unique art photos at the Carbondale Clay Center and at the beautiful Sunlight Ski Resort! When I started the youth program, I didn’t expect to be so involved with the newspaper itself! In third class, I already had photos published in the newspaper.

Teachers always support our story ideas and the projects we want to work on. They are also willing to offer help and suggestions.

The program has already taught me more about photography, art and everything that goes into creating a weekly. For example, editing the stories, interviewing people for information and even the financial aspects are some of the things I learned. I can see how the program could lead to a full and fulfilling future. I am delighted to continue to be a part of Sopris Sun and to add what I can to the journal.

Finally, it was a pleasure working with my classmates who are all so talented in writing, art and so much more. I can’t wait to continue to be impressed with them!

Marlo bowman

The moment I discovered Sopris Sun’s youth journalism program, my heart knew I had to participate. I was delighted that not only did my school, Basalt High School, finally have access to a journalism course, but that there was a real newspaper that wanted to include high school students. I finally felt I had the opportunity to learn more about the world of journalism.

Meeting my instructors, Raleigh, James, Myki and Jeanne, and my peers, Sofie, Maeve and Jaris, gave me the opportunity to form friendships that help me grow, both as a journalist and as a that no one. Collaborating with these amazing people has been an opportunity that I will certainly never forget.

On the first day, I remember being extremely nervous to be in a room with people I had never met before. I’ve never really been a social butterfly, but being with this group made me feel more comfortable sharing all of my thoughts and ideas. Each week gave me a new perspective on what goes on behind the scenes at a newspaper, and it got me to consider majoring in journalism in college next year. This program has certainly opened a new door for me in my future, and The Sopris Sun will always be a second family to me.


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