Why Freelancers Need Personal Branding: 7 Reasons



While freelance work gives you the freedom to work, finding regular projects is one of the challenges. Personal branding will play a key role in career growth whether you are a seasoned freelancer or new to this field.

If you are wondering why you should invest your time and effort in this area, read on to find out why.

1. Connect you with ideal clients

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By developing a strong personal brand as a freelance writer, you can become the most powerful tool for your business. You wonder how?

Personal branding will help you connect with clients who are a good match for your interests and expertise. Besides growing professionally, you can add a touch of your personality to the project that coincides with your interests.

For example, if you are a technical content writer, you might be able to manage writing projects. However, this project will not be something where you can put your best efforts. If you can market yourself as a technical content writer, you can easily find clients who deal with technical content.

Hence, showcase your skills and competencies through personal branding so that you don’t need to do irrelevant projects to make a living.


2. Develop professional relationships

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If you are wondering how to have an ever greater professional connection, try establishing yourself as a personal brand. This is how you can expand your network and start building professional relationships with others.

Whether it’s personal or business, we all want to stay in touch with like-minded people. As you display your personality through branding, more relevant professionals will show an interest in getting in touch with you. Not everyone will become your customer, but they can surely help you connect with your potential customers.

LinkedIn is the most popular social media site for professionals that freelancers should use. This platform helps you expand your network with other freelancers and clients. You can start to bond with the people you know.

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Once you’ve covered your known contacts, look for other LinkedIn profiles that have similar interests. When you become a personal brand, you will also have access to various conferences, webinars and other networking events where freelancers and seasoned clients interact.

3. Build trust

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Technical skills and confidence are the most crucial building blocks of any freelance career. Clients might not trust you to assign you to their projects when you are new to self-employment.

The good thing is that building a trusting relationship with your customers becomes easier when you have your own brand. It helps you secure projects for new clients.

You can connect with your potential clients to share your experience, your will and your views on their projects. You can also answer questions on various forums and social platforms to build a brand image as a solution provider. These activities will give your clients confidence in your expertise.

Make sure to display your knowledge and skills when doing personal branding. This way people will understand that you know what you are doing, and they can trust you with their projects no matter how critical it is.

4. Provide a competitive advantage

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The self-employed industry is booming as more and more people join either a main profession or a secondary activity. When a client posts a project on freelance job platforms like UpWork and Fiverr, hundreds of freelancers approach them with a quote.

If you approach the same customer with your personal brand front and center, it will impress the customer. Just like identifying a branded product in the market, your brand will make you stand out in the crowd.

Whether you are a digital marketer, copywriter, developer or designer, branding will enhance you and send a specific message about your profession. It will even make you unique and give you an edge over those without a brand identity.

5. Establish your identity as an expert

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To establish yourself as a successful freelance writer, you have no choice but to become an expert in your field. Even if you are an expert, how do you prove it to clients? Branding personal and customers will identify you as an expert without a doubt.

When you’re starting out as a freelancer, it’s not easy to show off your expertise. Or maybe you worked for third party clients through your last employer. Now freelance clients may wonder if you really delivered these projects. Personal branding helps to get rid of all doubts.

You can create a free website on WordPress to display your portfolio. Include some of your best work examples on the website, so visitors have no doubts about the effectiveness of your work. Adding customer reviews and testimonials to your social accounts and websites will also help prove your expertise.

6. Get better opportunities

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Personal branding will not only allow you to secure more projects, but it will also help you grab better opportunities. Once you start getting lots of project offers, you can be hard to take on and only get high paying, quality projects. Even if you have freelancers who are as experienced as your competition, branding will help you stay ahead of them.

Forget about reluctantly opting for every project you get. Only work for great projects and reputable clients by becoming a popular name in the freelance industry. So you can have more free time and have the perfect work-life balance that you have always dreamed of.

7. Help you charge more

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Unless self-employment is charitable work for you, payment is the aspect you can’t ignore. In most freelance projects, the client wants to give the job to the lowest bidder. Unless you’ve become a top personal brand, you end up bidding less than your value to secure a project and get trapped in this vicious cycle.

Start investing your time and effort in becoming a brand. Customers already know your caliber and they will proactively approach you for projects instead of looking for the lowest offer.

In addition, it will put you in a position to negotiate compensation based on the complexity of the project and the level of expertise. You don’t have to settle for low-paying projects, but rather work with clients who are willing to pay you the value for them.

Personal branding for freelancers

If you want to get your freelance career off the ground, personal branding is as important as anything you do to attract clients. Now that you know how personal branding helps you improve your image, you can start more projects.

New projects will help you showcase the talent you have promised through personal branding. While you’re at it, know that meeting project deadlines also helps you boost your brand.

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