Waterway Development Unveils Its Latest and Largest 5A Business Development


The Waterway Developments unveiled its newest and largest business development, 5A with an inaugural event on Saturday, December 11.

5A by The Waterway Developments, located east of Cairo, is expected to be the new central business district, unifying high-end modern office spaces with Michelin-starred style restaurants and high-end retail units, giving you a taste of all that is opulent. Whether it’s shopping at iconic fashion stores such as Balmain, Versace or Gucci or having lunch at Villa Caracas and shopping at the Porsche dealership, 5A by The Waterway Developments offers you an unparalleled experience. all year.

The spectacular opening night did not disappoint with an impressive lineup of artists, including famous international rapper Masked Wolf who opened the event, a track from favorite Egyptian superstar Amr Diab and charming singer of Romanian descent. Inna who closed the show.

The opening of 5A by The Waterway Developments was a sophisticated and exclusive evening filled with exquisite fine dining, iconic performances and the chance to see the new, timeless upscale development. The evening featured world-renowned artists performing for the first time in Egypt, presenting their classics and new hits that will ensure everyone (dignitaries and elites of Cairo) on the dance floor will kick off the season. parties in style.

A night of sophisticated elegance hosted by acclaimed comedian Wonho Chung, the exclusive opening of 5A saw the who’s who of Egyptian business and social circles in attendance. A host of actors, actresses, footballers and businessmen joined 5A during the opening event, including names such as Ahmed AbouHashima, Mohamed Zidane, Amir Karara, Naglaa Badr, Tarek Elebiary and Amir el Masry. An evening filled with exquisite fine dining and iconic performances, guests had the chance to see for the first time the timeless new high-end development, 5A.

5A by The Waterway Developments is the newest and most significant business development for Waterway Developments, The Waterway follows its proven model of success: unmatched design aesthetics, the best in luxury and sophistication, convenience and functionality for tenants and visitors. 5A by The Waterway Developments can be described as a central business district as well as a large-scale development that brings together office space, catering areas and retail units.

Waterway Developments operates through a group of subsidiaries offering a wide range of comprehensive services to exceed perfection in everything they do. The different companies and activities are strategically organized under the parent company to serve all sectors.

The company maintains its reputation by transferring its success to other lines of business, relying on the corporate strategy to ensure future growth and continue to offer cutting-edge concepts.

Behind this strategy there is a very experienced team and skilled talents who are committed to ensuring that this standard is achieved through continuous improvement and innovation, thus ensuring mutual trust and long term success.


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