Variety nominated for 72 Southern California Journalism Awards


Variety was nominated for 72 Southern California Journalism Awards, including Best Website, two for Print Journalist of the Year, three for Entertainment Journalist of the Year, and six for Critics of Television, music and books.

The awards, presented by the Los Angeles Press Club, recognize outstanding journalism from the region across print, digital, radio and broadcast platforms.

Editor-in-chief Ramin Setoodeh and deputy music editor Jem Aswad are both named print journalist of the year. Television critic Daniel D’Addario, chief film critic Owen Gleiberman, and writer and chief music critic Chris Willman are all nominated for entertainment journalist of the year. And Variety had three Music Critics nominees, including Steven Gaydos, Gleiberman and Aswad. Chief Television Critic Caroline Framke and D’Addario were also nominated for Television Critics Honors.

Aswad leads all Variety staffers with 14 total nominations, followed by Willman with eight nominations.

A feature on “I May Destroy You” creator Michaela Coel for Variety The “Power of Women” franchise was nominated for Best Cover and Best Portrait Photo. The image, by photographer Sophy Holland, cinematographer Jennifer Dorn and creative director Raul Aguila, was part of a dynamic series of photographs of several actresses. The 2021 iteration of “POW” focused the lens on women in comedy and featured Sofia Vergara, Mindy Kaling, Maya Rudolph, Kate McKinnon and Julia Louis-Dreyfus, along with Coel.

Sophy Holland for variety

Kate Aurthur’s Louis-Dreyfus “POW” profile was also recognized with a wink for features under 1,000 words. Read the full interview: “Julia Louis-Dreyfus says she misses Selina Meyer as much as you do.”

This is the first nomination for editor William Earl, who received the honor for “The Invisible Oscars: Consumers Widely Ignore This Year’s Best Picture Nominees.”

Another first-time nominee, Ethan Shanfeld, got a listen for his interview with Israeli-American artist Kosha Dillz: “Jewish Rapper Kosha Dillz Celebrates Hanukkah as a Viral Sensation.”

Television editor Michael Schneider was credited for his comment, calling on the Emmys to stop awarding all major streamers and pay tribute to long-running series such as “Grey’s Anatomy” or “NCIS.” The nod was just one of six nominations for Schneider, which included interviews with gunsmiths and props in Hollywood after the “Rust” tragedy, a candid conversation with Michael Keaton and his Variety cover story on Jean Smart.

Additional Variety covers to receive Southern California journalism names include Aswad and Jazz Tangcay’s interview with musician HER, the 23-year-old EGOT-bound music prodigy. Her 2021 song “I Can’t Breathe” was not only a Grammy winner, but also an anthem for protesters and those seeking change. “Knowledge is power, music is power, and as long as I stand I will always fight for us. I will always fight for my people and fight for what is right. music, and that’s what storytelling does,” said the musician. Variety.

“How Lil Nas X Is Revolutionizing Hip-Hop As An Empowered Gay Star,” a cover by Setoodeh and Aswad, was also nominated for Personality Profile. The feature detailed how (after spending most of the pandemic ‘making music and crying’) the musician reappeared, ‘a totally different person’ – an outspoken, empowered gay man who is unafraid to express the truth in his art.

Elizabeth Wagmeister received three nominations, including one for her cover story about a former ‘Bachelor’ contestant: “Colton Underwood, the first gay ‘Bachelor’, confronts his controversial coming out.”

The work of Giacomo Gambineri, Haley Kluge and Aguila on the Variety The cover of “Children’s Hour” was recognized for its stunning presence with an illustration nomination.

Image loaded lazily

Giacomo Gambineri for the variety

“Variety’s Altered Reality Issue” got the love for Best Internal Publication and is nominated for being considered one of the best issues published in 2021.

Double-nominated Rebecca Rubin received honors for her entertainment feature “Confused about where to watch the latest blockbuster? You’re not alone” and “Summer blockbusters return to cinemas. Will the public do it? Both were incisive conversations about how we, the audience, consume the film. And with the ever-changing landscape at the box office, both stories show an innate understanding of the ups and downs of recent years in the film industry.

Variety The video team received a nomination for a regular newscast thanks to “The Take”, the news series hosted by Wagmeister and Clayton Davis. Additional honors include Angelique Jackson and Tangcay’s “Black Women of Awards Season” cover video, an in-depth conversation with Viola Davis and Stacey Abrams.

Other Variety nominees include Jenelle Riley for her article, “Stillwater” director Tom McCarthy on Casting Matt Damon Against Type and Amanda Knox Criticism, Brent Lang has been nominated three times, including a co-nomination with and Matt Donnelly for their feature film “Disney’s New World Order Leads to Confusion and Bruised Egos,” and Malina Saval has also been nominated three times, including for her work “Too Jewish For Hollywood: As Antisemitism Soars, Hollywood Should Address Its Enduring Hypocrisy In Hyperbolic Caricatures of Jews.” Three-time nominee Tim Gray’s work has been recognized with several accolades, including life lessons from Liv Ullmann: “Never Turn Away, Never Kill Somebody’s Dream” and a must-see appreciation from Sidney Poitier, “A Living Legend Who Changed Hollywood”. .”

Executive Music Writer Shirley Halperin featured four nominations, including an account of Justin Bieber’s iconic New Year’s Eve/COVID performance atop the Beverly Hilton Hotel (you have to see it to believe it).

Production Editor Terry Flores was nominated for her entertainment feature about the relationship mechanics behind beloved Hollywood duo Phil Lord and Chris Miller in “Phil Lord and Chris Miller Prove the Power of Partnership” with Variety’s Creative Impact in Animation Award”. ”

Brian Steinberg earned two nominations, one for his work tracking ad work not ready for top players in “‘Saturday Night Live’ Cast in High Demand for Commercials After Years of Making Fake Ads” and another for his feature on “How a Coronavirus Expert Rocked CBS’s ‘Face the Nation’.”


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