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In 2020, I had the pleasure of curating “Top 20 Mamiya 7 Film Photographers” from Analog Forever Magazine. Since then, the widespread appeal of the camera has only grown, as has the community of talented photographers who use it. Why are all serious film photographers all over the world familiar with this legendary camera? It’s easy.

The Mamiya 7 is a unique medium format camera that combines super crisp leaf shutter lenses (namely the 80mm f / 4) and simple yet rugged electronic controls that synchronize its shutter across all shutter speed ranges. up to 1 / 500th. Best of all, it’s all wrapped up in a lightweight and beautifully streamlined rangefinder set that’s just perfect for travel and documentary photography. In addition, it has an interchangeable lens system and comes with the following lenses: 43mm, 50mm, 65mm, 80mm, 150mm and 210mm. However, most photographers use 65mm and 80mm because they are both incredibly sharp and wide enough for environmental portraits and landscapes. Knowing this, it makes perfect sense that the Mamiya 7 / II reached its legendary status fairly quickly given that it was only produced between 1995 and 2014.

I have owned my Mamiya 7ii for over 10 years and couldn’t imagine parting with it, so of course I was quite devastated recently on a trip to my native Poland when I realized that my camera was broken. Although I haven’t been able to take any pictures myself recently, I’ve been busy receiving many wonderful submissions for my list of my top 20 images of this year taken on a Mamiya 7 / II! This year, I have selected 20 different photographers. They represent a range of talent from those just starting out to some well-known artists, all of whom primarily use Mamiya 7 / II as their primary camera. After seeing the work of these artists, you will understand why my curated Instagram page is called Mamiya 7 Ruined Everything! Make sure to follow us on @ Mamiya7ruinedeverything and if you are currently photographing this camera tag your photos with # mamiya7ruinedeverything to appear!

-Monika Murren, co-curator of @ Mamiya7ruinedeverything



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