This $ 20 QuickBooks Boot Camp is a must for freelancers



Many people turned to self-employment in the past year, out of necessity or on purpose. Those first few days can make it seem like you are finally living the dream: no ties! No pushy bosses! No boring meetings!

And then, usually somewhere around tax time, the other shoe falls off. There is a lot to learn about being your own boss, and some of the more difficult lessons include the intricacies of finance and managing your taxes. If you don’t take your new status into account when planning your budget, it can be a big blow. Unfortunately, there is no employee manual to read when it comes to this sort of thing.

There is, however, the QuickBooks Freelance Bookkeeping Training Pack. Everyone is familiar with QuickBooks, which is just as useful for family finances as it is for professional accountants. But this five-pack of online courses is specifically related to its use for the independent generation and how it can potentially save them thousands of it every year.

These courses are taught by working accounting professors and CPAs, but their courses and exercises introduce you to the software in a simple and convenient way. Even if you’ve never used QuickBooks before, you’ll feel confident setting your first budget.

Their lessons show how the tools in QuickBooks can save you time, as well as money, and how a little preventative maintenance and savings up front can pay big dividends when April rolls around. You can easily track your expenses, organize your bills, or manage the books of a small business, if needed. There’s even a course on how to build a website for your own financial services company once you’ve learned the ropes.

PCMag readers can immerse themselves in the QuickBooks Freelance Bookkeeping Training Package, which sells for $ 19.99, or 98% off the $ 1,000 MSRP.

Prices subject to change.

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