The Mushrooms That Kill You, A Freelance Heist Movie & More Of The Week’s Funniest Tweets



At Digg, we make it our business to prepare the most interesting, best-reported stories and most engaging videos for you, our readers. A side effect of this task is that along the way we have become what they call extremely online. And when you’re extremely online, you inevitably end up on Twitter.

This week, from mimicking roosters to taking pills for horses, we connect with the natural world. Enjoy.

  1. it must be nice:

2. At a MINIMUM:

3. Honestly, I need such an effective alarm:

4. They really thought they got it:

5. This is why I only browse in stores:

6. Every day:

7. I don’t know who needs to hear this, but PAY YOUR FREELANCES NOW:

8. Nutritional and spiritual medicine:

9. I don’t know who needs to hear THIS, but…

10. No comments except you should know that this photo is 100% real and the horse’s name is Doctor Peyo.

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