The Minister of IT inaugurates the online registration portal for the self-employed


Federal Minister of Informatics and Telecommunications Syed Amin Ul Haque has launched a portal for the online registration of self-employed workers at the headquarters of the Pakistan Software Export Board (PSEB).

The launch of the portal ( for registering freelancers is among many measures taken by the government to ensure the growth of freelancers in Pakistan.

Speaking on the occasion, Syed Amin Ul Haq, Federal Minister of Informatics and Telecommunications, said Pakistani freelancers have fueled the growth of the concert economy in Pakistan. Pakistan’s self-employed industry is growing rapidly. The registration of freelancers is a big step forward in recognizing the contribution made by Pakistani freelancers, he said. He said the growth of Pakistani freelancers would increase the country’s export earnings.

The Federal Minister of Informatics said that the national self-employment facilitation policy was developed after extensive consultations and focused on accelerating and sustaining the development of the self-employed industry in Pakistan.

Osman Nasir, Managing Director of Pakistan Software Export Board, said Pakistan is ranked as the 2nd largest provider of online work in software development and technology according to the International Labor Organization 2021 flagship report. Future growth of the freelance industry in Pakistan is directly dependent on the availability of IT professionals trained in advanced technologies. He said PSEB has launched several programs for IT professionals and recent graduates to hone their skills through international training and certifications.

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