The line between commercial films and art films is blurring: Vijay Maurya | Bollywood



Actor, screenwriter and director Vijay Maurya is happy that viewing of the cinema is changing for good. “We have to respond to what the public demands at the end of the day, it’s all about economics and commerce. Audiences are more interested in stories like Bob biswas, a great example of character-driven content, ”says Maurya, who also won Best Original Screenplay at the National Film Awards for Chillar evening.

Maurya is in Lucknow for the filming of Rangbaaz-2.

“Previously, most films had a fixed formula. They had romance, songs, villain and fight at the end. But due to exposure to international cinema as well as regional cinema, the gap between commercial films and art films is disappearing. The fine lines that differentiated them fade away. This is a good sign for cinema as we needed a middle lane for festival films and commercially viable films, ”said the Ravine boy actor.

Maurya who had already directed the film Marathi Photocopy says he is now focusing on making films in Hindi.

“I have made around 400 commercials and recently made my first OTT series which has yet to be announced. I also wrote dialogues for three films – darling directed by Jasmeet K Reen, Shabaash Mithu with Taapsee Pannu and a thursday directed by Behzad Khambata. Currently, I act in Rangbaaz 2 and also work on my debut as a director in Hindi, ”he says.

Maurya says acting is his first love, but he loves wearing different hats.

“Right now I’m wearing an acting cap and when I do, I surrender to my director. In my free time I write something or the other. I keep changing and changing … it’s like a meditation for me, ”he says.

Born and raised in Mumbai, Maurya has close ties to Uttar Pradesh. “I’ve been to Lucknow before, but in terms of work, this is my first visit and the city treats me well. My parents are from Jaunpur and I have fond childhood memories of the place, ”he says.

“As a writer, I take inspiration from what I see and translate into ideas because cinema covers everything; from eating habits, from social behavior to cultural behavior, ”he says.



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