The Cancer Letter receives 7 journalism and design awards


The Cancer Letter the staff has won seven Dateline Awards from the Washington, D.C. chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists, three for journalism and four for design.

The Cancer LetterEntries recognized by the SPJ in 2022 include investigative journalism, commentary, series, infographics, illustrations, and editorial cartoons. This is the third consecutive year The Cancer Letter won an award for infographics and comics, and the fifth year in a row The Cancer Letter won first place for illustration.

Next The Cancer LetterThe investigation of Axel Grothey, a prominent gastrointestinal oncologist who was given the opportunity to resign from the Mayo Clinic due to unethical sex with women he mentored, the discussion of sexual misconduct in academic medicine has come out of the shadows and Twitter flooded.

The consequences of this series, which won a top prize for investigative journalism, have led to a reconfiguration of policies on sexual harassment, misconduct and gender bias in biomedical research and academic medicine – and have directly resulted in an August 2021 congressional letter demanding responses from the NIH on sexual misconduct policies.

An illustration also caused a stir on Twitter: Illustrator Katie Goldberg’s cover for a story about closing the diversity gap in the cancer center workforce celebrates some of the leading voices in the cancer community on issues of diversity, equity and inclusion (The Cancer Letter, November 5, 2021). As something of a “Where’s Waldo” from oncology, many have sought to identify themselves and their mentors in the image. An answer sheet was made available the following week, and prints can be purchased at The Cancer Letter‘s store.

First place rewards:

Editor’s note: Credit is also earned by Jacqueline Ong and David Koh, who created an interactive timeline that made this complex investigation easy to view and navigate.

  • Series, Newsletter/Specialized publications, first place: Matthew Ong, “Reducing Systemic Disparities and Inequalities in the American Cancer Workforce.”
  • Comments and reviews, Newsletter/Specialized publications, first place: Matthew Ong, “Joe Biden: A Presidential Agenda for Cancer”. (The Cancer LetterJan. 22, April 9, June 18, 2021)
  • Art/Photo illustration, Newsletter/Specialized publications, first place: Katie Goldberg, “Illustrating Oncology in 2021”
  • Editorial Cartoon, Newsletter/Specialized Publications, First Place: Katie Goldberg, “Cancer Politics: Bypass Budgets, the National Cancer Act, and Texas.”
  • Infographics, Newsletter/Specialized publications, first place: Jacqueline Ong, “A 25-Year Retrospective: How NCCN Changed the Way Cancer Medicine Is Practiced and Paid for.”
  • Homepage Design, Newsletter/Specialized Publications, First Place: Jacqueline Ong and Katie Goldberg, “Health Equity and Social Change Section Covers.”


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