The 9 Best Free Notion Templates for Freelancers


As a freelancer, it’s easy to get lost in a pile of paperwork, especially when dealing with multiple clients. You’ll have to juggle sending invoices, scheduling your tasks, and keeping your customers happy with your work.

That’s where Notion comes in. With hundreds of templates at your disposal, you can easily transform your freelance business with minimal effort. Here are nine of the best Notion templates for freelancers that you should definitely check out.

You probably have more than one client. This makes it difficult to keep up to date with all your customers’ information and tasks. Luckily, with the Independent Contractor’s Toolkit, you’ll be better organized. This template is created by Notion to streamline the tracking of your tasks, hours, and invoices.

You have a lightweight task manager with a task list for each client/company you work with, a timecard where you can easily enter the hours you have worked, and an invoice tracker to check the status of your bills. There is also an agreements section to hold all your contracts and a contact information section to easily see your customers’ contact details.

This invoice template is probably one of the most basic yet excellent Notion templates a freelancer needs. It contains all the basic information you’ll see on a typical invoice: company details, purpose of the invoice, total charges to be paid, and your payment information.

There are also handy hyperlinks at the bottom for online payment methods like PayPal and Stripe. To share this invoice with your customer, you can simply create a public link or turn it into a PDF using the GoFullPage Chrome extension.

The Freelancer Dashboard is somewhat similar to the Freelancer Toolkit, but the former adds a number of useful features. At the top of the page, you can see a dashboard with a link to your projects, tasks, customer information, and invoices. This makes it easier to check out a page because everything is in one section.

You also have a database of your active projects and active tasks for a quick overview of what needs to be done. Another nifty section is your unpaid bills database, which helps you better track your finances.

This pricing strategy template is not only for calculating your rates as a freelancer, but also for keeping all your finances under control. It has three editable databases, where you can enter your income streams, personal expenses, and business expenses.

As you populate the editable databases, the auto calculator database will be updated automatically. This calculator gives you an idea of ​​the ideal destination of your income, for example 55% for your basic needs, 5% for education and 10% for retirement.

Finally, you have the Easy Pricing Simulator. Here you can enter your services and play around with the price and number of clients you need to reach your revenue goal.

Proposals are an integral part of the freelance-client relationship. It details what the project is about and how you, as a freelancer, will complete said project. If you’re not sure how to create one, this contract proposal concept template is a good place to start.

It includes an objective at the top of the page, outlining what needs to be accomplished. There’s also a quick overview of the scope of work, a timeline for milestones and timelines, and a price breakdown for the services you’ll be doing on the project. You also have a section for payment plans and terms and conditions, which are typical of a freelancer’s proposal.

Are you a freelance writer struggling to keep up with all the articles you need to finish? Then this client database template is exactly what you need. This template is one of the easiest and fastest ways to get your to-do list back on track with Notion.

With its simple database, you can see at a glance which topics need to be produced and for which client they are. The database also has columns for the item’s due date, link, status, and fee. Although the template is primarily designed for writers, you can easily modify the columns to reflect your own set of tasks.

If you’re someone who regularly sends out emails and meeting invites to your clients, it’s time to upgrade. That’s exactly what this Notion template wants to solve for you.

With the Client Portal, your clients will be able to share their documents and passwords, assign tasks and schedule meetings with you. You can also upload your trips and send invoices directly to the portal for easy access. This way, you and your customer no longer have to go back and forth via email. The Notion template contains all the information you will need.

You want to present your product/service but you don’t have time to create a web page from scratch? This landing page template in Notion is here to save the day.

It’s very minimalistic and straight to the point with no flowery, fluffy sections. At the top of the page is your offer and its value proposition, followed by three benefits your customers can derive from this offer. You also have a section listing problems your offer can solve.

To make things more attractive, the template contains reviews from satisfied customers. Finally, at the bottom of the page are your pricing tiers. Sharing this landing page with your prospects is also very simple. All you have to do is share the page on the web.

If you’re looking for a simple Notion template to track your hours, look no further than this freelance hourly rate log. This is a database containing your tasks and the time of arrival and departure.

A column for your hourly rate is also available, so the database can automatically calculate your total rate based on the hours you have logged. This template is best used as part of your larger Notion dashboard to help you manage your tasks and hours.

Organize your freelance activity with Notion

You don’t have to stop with these free Notion templates. Thanks to the flexibility and complex features of the platform, you can create any document you need for your freelance activity. You’ll never go back to paper or individual digital files again.


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