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As a freelance writer, you may have to complete hundreds of tasks every day, while still having many more tasks on the to-do list. Not all jobs are equally important, and prioritizing is the best way to know what you need to do right now.

You can use any of the following techniques to prioritize your tasks and have a productive work day.

1. Create a master task list for review

A visual showing the main list of tasks in ClickUp

If you think you can prioritize all your tasks when they only exist in your head, you are wrong. You have to put them on paper or add them to an app to create a master list.

Put all the tasks and subtasks. Once you’ve listed the tasks, you can easily see which one has the highest priority. You can then prioritize them by daily, weekly and monthly goals.

You can use the ClickUp task manager application to register tasks and sort them according to your priority. The app also allows you to add a due date for each task.

To download: ClickUp for Windows | macOS | Linux | iOS | Android (free)

2. Start with the most difficult task

In this method, you can prioritize the most difficult task on your list and get it done first. It might not be the most important task, but getting it done will make the rest of the tasks a cinch.

People often tend to skip the difficult task in the morning and schedule it for the end of the day. Doing small, simple tasks throughout the day tires you out, when you actually need a fresh mind and full focus to complete the difficult task.

Do the hardest task at the start, even if it is difficult. You can also clear your mind by completing the hardest task and focus more on the easier ones.

3. Ivy Lee method for classifying tasks

This century-old method allows you to manage your priorities well and makes you more productive. According to this technique, you have to choose the six most important tasks that you have to do tomorrow. Order the tasks according to the importance level and the next day, start working them one by one.

This strategy eliminates decision fatigue by forcing you to prioritize your goals a day earlier. Since you don’t have to spend your morning prioritizing, you can make the most of the day by using every minute. The approach also approves the mono-task.

So you can accomplish a task quickly because you give it your full attention. You can use the Ivy Lee Method app for this method. List the tasks according to your priority and mark them when completed. When you remove a task from your to-do list when it’s done, you have one less task to worry about.

To download: The Ivy Lee Method for Android (Free)

4. Eisenhower matrix for grouping tasks

While prioritizing, you may be confused between urgent task and important task. Eisenhower Matrix is ​​a prioritization technique that allows you to separate urgent and important tasks. It also helps you figure out which to do first.

Tasks that require immediate attention will fall under the category of urgent work. This could be editing a completed job for minor errors, or replying to an email or text message. On the other hand, tasks that contribute to your long term goals are important.

To best prioritize tasks, create four quadrants and place tasks where they fit best. You can create this chart in Microsoft Excel, Google Sheets, etc.

  • Urgent and Important: These tasks should be your first priority.
  • Important, but not urgent: Schedule these tasks for a time that works for you.
  • Urgent, but not important: Try to perform these tasks between the first two categories of tasks.
  • Neither urgent nor important: Eliminate these tasks from your list.

Ike – To Do List, To Do List app helps you list the tasks and discover the priority tasks according to the matrix.

To download: Ike – To-do list, to-do list for Android (free)

5. Use the MIT method to prioritize tasks

Illustration of how to prioritize tasks through MIT

MIT means here Most important things. To implement this technique, you need to list the three most important tasks of the day. Then you need to focus on completing these tasks as soon as possible.

Once they’re done, you can move on to the rest of the tasks on your general to-do list. While making the MIT list, include high priority tasks that will contribute to what you want to achieve.

As you make this list, ask yourself questions such as:

  1. What are the most crucial tasks you need to accomplish today?

  2. What things will make a big difference in your project or career?

  3. How do you want to structure your day to complete MITs first, before other tasks?

Compile the answers and you can easily make the MIT list.

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6. ABCDE method to separate priority tasks

Are you looking for a robust prioritization technique for everyday use? The ABCDE method is a simple, efficient and action-oriented method that allows you to prioritize your to-do list.

You can take a piece of paper and list all the tasks you need to complete on it. Then you need to start categorizing the tasks with A, B, C, D, and E. Remember that you need to complete the A tasks before you start the B tasks, complete the B tasks before you start the C tasks, and and so on.

If there are multiple tasks in each category, mark them with 1, 2, 3, depending on importance, like A-1, A-2, A-3, etc. Here’s how to label tasks with these five letters:

  1. A for the most important tasks: Mark a task that you cannot skip with A. You should prioritize this task at the top of your to-do list, as failure to do so may delay the completion of a project or result in the loss of a client. .
  2. B for tasks with minor consequences: Once you have marked the tasks with A, choose the tasks with light consequences to label them with B.
  3. C for tasks without consequences: You should label the tasks that have no effect on your life with C.
  4. D for Delegate: You should add this tag to any tasks you might delegate to your partner or associate. If, for example, you work alone as a freelance, save these tasks for free time.
  5. E for Eliminate: When you consider all the tasks and the time, you will find that some tasks are not crucial. Eliminate them by scoring with E.

You can also use Asana and add A, B, C, D, E tags next to each task you want to prioritize.

To download: Asana for Windows | macOS | Android | iOS (free)

Don’t get lost in the myriad of tasks

Freelancers have to do a lot of administrative and communication tasks outside of their concerts. Now that you know the different prioritization techniques, you can manage tasks more efficiently.

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