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Freelancers often face the difficult task of writing proposals from scratch for each client. Using free online proposal management tools will take the strain off you.

Creating a new proposal for each client takes a lot of time as a freelance writer. Instead, using online proposal tools helps you spend that time finishing your existing projects and finding new gigs. Check out the following applications for proposal management, so you can always give your best to a new client.

A display of the proposal template in Suggest

This free online proposal tool is particularly suited to freelancers who need a quick adjustment of customizable proposal templates for different industries. Creating, sending and managing proposals is now quick and easy.

Submit provides options for adding text, images, and videos to submissions. The interface of this tool allows drag and drop so that you can add different sections to the proposal document without much effort.

You can also change text boxes, tables, sidebars, and background colors in its layout editor. In addition, its robust analytical features let you know which section of your proposal got the most views, the number of times the proposal was viewed, the length of views, and more.

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It offers you the possibility of easily integrating YouTube and Vimeo videos into your proposal. Its online signature tool allows for faster signature of proposals once the client agrees to do so.

With the help of Proposify, you can further track the performance of the proposals you send. This will give you a better idea of ​​the proposals that benefit you and the areas in which you need to improve.

To download: Submit for Android | iOS (free)

Visual showing the creation of a proposal in PandaDoc

This online proposal app is also a smartphone based tool that works great on iOS and Android. PandaDoc allows you to create personalized proposals by quickly filling in the fields of the proposal template document.

As you can create any template document here, sending any other necessary information along with the proposal to your client is just a few clicks away. The personalized notification function of this tool allows you to spontaneously notify yourself of certain actions.

For example, you can turn on notifications to know when the customer opened the document, how long they spent reading the proposal, and when they signed it. The two main resources of PandaDoc are templates and a content library.

You can create templates for the proposals and include images or formatted copies to tag them according to your independent business. You can save your portfolio for a particular industry or working conditions in the content library.

Whenever it is necessary to personalize the proposal, add information in square brackets. This tool offers easy integration with various CRMs. It is also helpful to create proposals that include collaboration.

To download: PandaDoc for Android | iOS (free)

An image showing the modification of a proposal template in Bonsai

When you work as a freelance writer, a proposal isn’t the only thing on your mind. You have to manage your customers, calculate the time of tasks, prepare invoices and much more. Bonsai offers you the complete solution which includes proposal management, project time tracking, expense calculation and payment tracking.

With the smart dashboard of this tool, you can track your business performance from one place. This all-in-one standalone bonsai suite comes with a simple and easy-to-use suggestion generator.

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First, you need to enlist your existing and potential clients and projects. Then add proposals, which come in the form of simple documents containing an outline and a timeline of the project. You can also include your proposal ideas in additional text sections.

In this tool, you can also add your existing contract or portfolio as attachments. End the proposal with a Summary of fees, where you essentially offer multiple plans to your customers. So you don’t have to write a new proposal for a new pricing model.

Viewing the design and editing of a proposal in the Vennage app

This app made creating online proposals very easy. Whether you want to create professional or compelling propositions, Venngage is your go-to option. You can choose from any of the high quality and organized proposal templates and customize them as you like.

Its powerful drag-and-drop editor lets you create eye-catching proposals in minutes. You can also access its rich library of photos, graphics and icons to create stunning proposals. Venngage’s Proposal Template Library ‍ contains templates for different industries.

All you have to do is choose a model for your target industry. You can also add graphs and tables in your proposals to compare products and prices. You can start working on your proposals on this app directly from your browser without any problem.

Its interface is user-friendly for beginners and you can start working on it even without any prior experience. However, if you have any issues, you can contact 24-hour customer support.

In addition to proposal templates, you can use presentation templates when you need to make a presentation to your clients during or after the proposal phase. If you have a partner in your freelance business, both of you can edit or comment on the proposal using the collaboration feature of this app.

Visualization of the creation of a freelance project proposal in

If you are a freelance contractor or freelance writer, this app will help you win more projects with less sweat to waste. With the free template of this app, creating professional freelance proposals is a snap. The template is available in different formats like DOC, PPT, Google Docs, and Google Slides.

You can add an overview, goals as well as case studies to create a powerful yet compelling proposition. Create a personalized proposal by adding your branding, images and slides to showcase your work. There is also a built-in standard freelance contract that you can integrate into the proposal.

Your client can digitally sign it if they agree to work with you. The beautiful and attractive model doesn’t need you to spend time messing around with font and color. Add the right content, and it’s ready to win your customer’s heart.

If you need your customers to see an additional document, attach it seamlessly to your proposal. This tool comes with the ability to send automatic reminders to your clients on proposal approval. You can also follow the steps, from the date of posting of the proposal to the date of signature of the proposal, with the Smart Alert function of the application.

A better way to write proposals

Online proposal applications speed up your proposal workflow and allow you to invest more time in projects. These free online proposal management tools will speed up your pre-project tasks to attract more clients with less work. If you’re trying freelance businesses in addition to a full-time office job, then using these apps will be especially helpful.

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