Support local nonprofit journalism during Live PC Give PC



Live PC Give PC is an annual day of fun, games, and good times with a serious goal – to support nonprofits who, in turn, care about the community in so many different ways. KPCW is one of the nonprofits that benefit from the philanthropy of the day and then pay it back with the endless work of community journalism.

KPCW chief executive Renai Bodley Miller said public radio fills in the gaps left by the decline of print newspapers, which have suffered economically from the shift from advertising to the digital sphere.

“More and more people are turning to public radio,” she said. “We are developing our news service. We are seeing more and more people looking to our website for local information. Right now we had 1,059,000 users on our website yesterday – up from 37% of people coming to for their local news. As our community grows, our service to the community must also grow. “

KPCW increasingly produces two products – both its on-air programming and its web content – which takes time and personnel.

Bodley Miller pointed out that the station’s annual operating budget of $ 1.7 million grows each year as newsroom staff increases and equipment costs and other basic expenses increase. . Program Director John Burdick delved into this question with a few examples of operating expenses that people might not think of.

“The costs that bring us to level with the rest of the commercial radio world are, you know, so that we can bring a better product, we can bring a stronger signal than we can, now we can transmit not analog but in digital, that is, the way they use a new microwave system to send the signal over the internet is huge and it comes at a huge cost, ”he said.

Development Officer Sarah Ervin explained how KPCW works both for other nonprofits and for the community at large.

“We like to think of ourselves exactly like an oxygen mask and an umbrella,” she said. “I like to say that we are highlighting all the great work that so many nonprofits, I mean hundreds of nonprofits in town are doing just this week between hour and hour. local news and local view with Randy in the afternoon. Summit Land Conservancy Kimball Art Center Christian Center live as Sam recycles Utah, Park City ski and snowboard SWANER break for life Park City Film I mean the list goes stretch again and again. “

The Park City Community Foundation sponsors the annual Giving Day. For more information, go to, or just leave your home anytime on Friday if you’re in the area – volunteers will be everywhere reminding people to donate.



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