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Why is local journalism so important? Local journalism connects communities, encouraging readers to listen to and sympathize with one another. Community stories and calendars feature neighbors and create a strong sense of belonging. Our news outlets inform residents, who are more likely to engage in civic activities and vote in municipal elections.

What happens when local journalism disappears? Communities are becoming disconnected and less friendly, with residents relying on unverified information from social media to make decisions.

For over 20 years, the Evanston Roundtable has served the needs of our diverse community through its award-winning journalism. Most recently, our new website, mobile app and email newsletters continue to provide important information about the City of Evanston government, schools, art, culture and business for free. local, reflecting our belief that a strong democracy is based on a free press.

We have ambitious goals for the future, but we cannot do it alone. Support the Evanston Roundtable and join the many Evanstonians who wish to continue the tradition of strong local journalism.

We’re excited to share that we have the opportunity to take your donation even further this year through NewsMatch, a national movement to support journalism through matching donations at the local and national levels.

This is how it works.

From now on — until December 31st — your Roundtable donation will be matched. via NewsMatch and the commitments of local partners. With your help, we’ll match every dollar donated until the end of December.

Invest in Evanston. Invest in local nonprofit journalism.

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