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The COVID-19 crisis has transformed the Philippine economy into an economy of odd jobs, with more and more people opting or even forced to search for jobs online. However, the nature of this type of job is still “below the radar” of established traditional financial institutions. As a result, many freelancers lack the financial information necessary to apply for loans or obtain credit cards, leading them to join the ranks of the underserved in financial and related services. The good news is that thanks to technology, companies like MoveForward Inc (MFI) have emerged to provide fair and inclusive buy-now and late-payment (BNPL) services on a per-transaction basis.

“MFI understands the need for Filipinos for flexible payment solutions that can help them get what they need right now and pay in installments,” said Johanne Lim, CEO of MFI, at the partner’s recent launch. from MFI, Smile API, which processes applications in seconds, not days, even for online freelancers and those without a credit card.

A sad reality is that today’s financial landscape is not inclusive. Established financial institutions are failing to meet the needs of people who are most likely to have cash out of hand when they need to make quick emergency purchases. Only those with proven and high disposable income can access credit cards or finance for emergencies or even passion and luxury purchases. The average Filipino has to prove he has a job to facilitate even a small loan.

But proving a job by conventional means is not always available to freelancers and online salespeople, making their problem even worse. However, by having to deal with online employers, freelancers, or gig platforms, workers actually have proof of income that can be verified online with the right technology and then linked to online fintech apps. as proof of employment and income when needed. This is essentially where MFI’s Smile API partner comes in.

“All financial product segments have one thing in common: they require data processing as part of their audit protocols. The more data is available, provided it is favorable, the more the risk decreases for the financial institution, ”explained Jerome Eger, CEO of Smile API. “But whether it’s a small or a large loan, much of the conventional borrower verification process remains the same: it takes days to weeks, and it involves human intervention.”

Above, Jerome Eger, CEO of Smile API “With Smile, lengthy Income Verification (VOI) or Employment Verification (VOE) requests are a thing of the past.” Below, Johanne Lim, CEO of MoveForward Inc. “With the combination of Smile API and MFI, we are closer than ever to true financial inclusion.”

This is why a quick loan for a major emergency purchase is not really an option for most freelancers, and only credit card holders can make such emergency purchases. Eger revealed a solution: “Smile API helps bridge the data gap by providing the easiest way for users to connect individual job information to their financial service providers. To do this, it joins forces with a growing network of employers. More importantly for freelancers, it is also related to employment platforms, be it gigs or freelancers, ERP / HRM systems, payroll systems and other business platforms. ‘use.

“Smile API is conveniently integrated into a growing number of Fintech applications, including MFI in the Philippines, where end users have full control and transparency over the data shared with their preferred Fintech application. With Smile, lengthy Income Verification (VOI) or Employment Verification (VOE) requests are a thing of the past, ”Eger concluded. Thanks to the Smile API, verification of credentials for financial services can now be done literally in seconds, and loan approval or rejection can be determined much faster.

The partnership between Smile API and MFI also enables Filipinos to immediately make emergency purchases such as medicines, auto parts, accessories or household appliances, etc. instant access to the Smile API data infrastructure. While there is a large and growing selection of brands and products in the MFI catalog, shoppers can also take advantage of Philippines-based products through an online store or shopping platform like Shopee or Lazada. Thanks to its personal linkhopper function, MFI can also offer BNPL services to the consumer, even for emergency purchases.

“With the combination of Smile API and MFI, Filipinos are closer than ever to true financial inclusion,” Lim said.

To learn more about MoveForward Inc. and how it works, please visit: For fintech companies and financial institutions who want to see the potential of what Smile API offers, you can find out more here:





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