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Uploaded:, Thursday, December 9, 2021

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The Santa Clarita Valley Photographers Association held their annual digital image competition in November at the Sierra Hills Clubhouse in Canyon Country.

Mel Carll received Best of Show honors with her image in the Digital Manipulation category titled “Evening Walk”. The image obtained 90 points out of 100 possible points.

There were 10 categories and a total of 36 entries were entered into the competition which was judged by certified judges from Professional Photographers of California and follows the 12 elements of an image of merit guidelines provided by PPC. The 12 elements include impact, technical excellence, creativity, style, composition, presentation, color balance, focus, lighting, subject, technique and storytelling. The distribution of marks is as follows: Exceptional 100-95, Superior 94-90, Excellent 89-85, Deserves merit 84-80, Above average 79-75, Average 74-70, Below standard d exhibition 69.

High scores were given to Carll and Kevin Karzin, who both scored 90, Carll with his “Evening Walk” image and Karzin with his “Dennis and His Speed ​​Graphic” image in the Portrait category.

The competition includes two different divisions, Novice and Master. The Novice division is basically a beginners division – a new member may feel that their job is not up to the standards of other club members, so they move into the Novice division. When a member of the Novice division receives four merit scores (80 or more), he is then enrolled in the Master division.

The Master division is made up of high level professional or amateur photographers whose work is always considered high level.

Both novices and masters compete at the same time and the judges do not know whether an image is from a novice or master competitor. Ribbons are awarded for the first three places in each category. The 10 categories are: Animals, Architecture, Digital manipulation, Event and editorial, Fine art, Landscape, Macro and close-up, Nature, Photojournalism and Portrait. Of the 36 nominations, 26 nominations were awarded a merit score of 80 or higher.

In the novice division, the first place winners were:

– Animals: JD Webb, also awarded a Judges Choice Award

– Architecture: Andrew Lewis

– Digital manipulation: JD Webb

– Landscape: JD Webb

– Macro and close-up: Cathy Gero

– Photojournalism: Andrew Lewis

In the Master division, the first place winners were:

– Animals: Mel Carll, also awarded a Judges Choice Award

– Architecture: Tom Spanos

– Digital manipulation: Mel Carll, also awarded Best Of Show

– Event and editorial: Tom Spanos

– Fine Arts: Kevin Karzin, also awarded a Judges Choice Award

– Landscape: Dennis Goff

– Macro and close-up: Chris Hoefflin

– Nature: Henri Lajer

– Photojournalism: Tim Berreth

– Portrait: Kevin Karzin

Photo of Kevin Karzin in 1st place in the “Fine Art” category at the annual SCV Photographers Association competition.

JB Webb

1st place of JD Webb in the “Animals” category of the novice division at the annual competition of the SCV Photographers Association.



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