Revolut launches account for freelancers, gig workers and freelancers


Revolut, the global financial super app with over 20 million retail customers, has launched Revolut Pro in several countries including Romania.

Revolut Pro is a dedicated income, payment and expense management account for the growing number of freelancers, independent contractors, entrepreneurs and freelancers. It is part of the Revolut retail app.

Revolut Pro is a free account with no monthly fees and no deposit or balance requirements. The account can be created in less than two minutes in the Revolut app and offers a debit card with 1% cashback. [and a dedicated IBAN]. It also allows users to quickly and securely send transfers or instant payments to external banks as well as other Revolut accounts.

With Revolut Pro, customers can manage their business funds without the need for a full-fledged business account. Revolut Pro allows multi-currency payments with a physical or virtual card, Google Pay and Apple Pay, in addition to money transfers.

Revolut Pro also enables freelance professionals to accept payments instantly [either in-person with Revolut Reader or]online with QR codes and payment links, and by generating invoices and tracking their payments.

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(Picture source: Revolut)


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