Relentless: The Death and Life of Labor Journalism


Relentless: The Death and Life of Labor Journalism

Labor journalists discuss media coverage of the recent wave of strikes in Britain.

Emiliano Mellino, Nicholas Jones, Sarah Jaffe and Polly Smythe at The World Transformed festival in Liverpool (photo by Lydia Hughes)

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The ongoing wave of strikes in Britain has been accompanied by a flurry of media coverage ranging from mediocre to downright embarrassing. What happened to labor journalism, anyway? Sarah recently joined a panel of labor journalists at The World Transformed festival in Liverpool to chat, and today we bring you that conversation, with Emiliano Mellino from the Bureau of Investigative Journalism, Nicholas Jones, former industry and political correspondent for the BBC, and Polly Smythe, Novara Media Labor Journalist. We look at how coverage has changed, what’s happened to industry journalists on Fleet Street, the decline of wider media jobs – in Britain and around the world.

We also check out the Philadelphia Museum of Art strike (after taping this episode, the Philadelphia Museum of Art Union reached a tentative agreement with the museum and called off this weekend’s picket lines while members considered and were voting on the agreement). And we hear of a victory for hospitality workers in Scotland by Julie Nixon of Unite the Union, get an update on the Starbucks organizing campaign with Roastery Key Lido Labor Activist, and look at the horrific working conditions in migrant detention centers. For Argh, we consider the role of unions in the Iranian women’s uprising and working conditions in the world of professional wrestling.

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