“Refrain from yellow journalism”, suggests the Minister of IPR to the press of the fraternities



Meghalaya IPR Minister James Sangma; Photo credit: James K Sangma / Twitter

At a time when the whole world is inundated with fake news and stories inciting communal violence, impacting on unity and solidarity between communities, the press is still seen as a powerful medium of responsible mass communication. building a strong and viable society.

In order to keep the process going, the press must refrain from disseminating exaggerated or abusive information generally referred to as “yellow journalism”, as informed by the Minister of Information and Public Relations (IPR) of the Meghalaya, James Sangma, on the occasion of “National Press Day”.

Addressing the assembly at an event organized by the Shillong Press Club in collaboration with the Directorate of Information and Public Relations (DIPR) on the theme “Who is not afraid of the media”, Sangma said claimed that journalism is an art of storytelling.

Citing it as a new post-era concept, Sangma believes that the 4th pillar of democracy must take responsibility, thus highlighting the power of public opinion.

In addition, the Minister of IPR also informed that the state advertising policy is about to be completed, which will be rolled out soon.

He further added that the state government is making efforts to meet the various demands of the press fraternities, including the Journalists’ Pension Scheme and the Journalist Protection Fund.

Observed on November 16 each year, “National Press Day” focuses primarily on the establishment of the Press Council of India (PCI) in 1966. Seen as a mechanism to regulate the functioning and activities of the press in the country, the PCI protects press freedom. and its expression.



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