Reading: The Art of Storytelling by Fashion Week Photographers


In the latest HYPETALKS episode of HYPEBEAST, style enthusiasts were invited to dive into the world of fashion week during a panel discussion with those who captured these key moments. HYPEBEAST was joined by a diverse group of four fashion week photographers from New York, London, Paris and Tokyo, in a discussion about the key roles they play as creatives and those who document the ever-changing trends. evolution.

The panelists, who included Jeremy French, Marc-Henri Ngandu, Mom Angela and Simbarashe Cha, shared their personal stories of what first attracted them to photography, how they found their point of view and what it really means to be a photographer. While fashion photography was the overarching theme, each creative spoke about the limitations of being categorized as just a fashion photographer. Ngandu shared his thoughts, “I don’t know if it’s ego or anything, but it’s kind of insulting when you’re a photographer and you feel like you’re just seen as a fashion photographer.” He goes on to explain that when photographers start out, they want to be known for their work rather than being limited to a niche category. Cha steps in and develops this shared perspective: “When it comes to any type of profession, regardless of a person’s industry or profession, you have people who have a broad sense of skills in terms of what it is. is that they do it and then you have people who are specialists.

Each photographer spoke passionately about the scenarios they seek to capture during fashion week and the importance of photographing the event from all angles. With the help of social media, panelists agreed that it broadened the definition of photographers as creatives but, in a way, compared them to documentarians as everyone sees and shoots from a different angle of the week. . French adds, “Instagram stories, I feel like it’s breaking down those barriers because you can see how it’s actually outside of the shows and it gives some insight into fashion week itself.” Having traveled the world, the panelists also talked about the differences and similarities between major European fashion weeks and Asian fashion weeks. Angela noted that there was a clear difference in style and how core collectivist and individualist mindsets play a big role in how participants express themselves with fashion.

The guests completed the panel by sharing their thoughts on the evolution of fashion week. Cha sums up the conversation eloquently, pointing out that the most important development is the diversity of storytellers from season to season and that over time viewers witness stories being told from a different point of view. less singular.

For those who missed the HYPETALKS live, catch up on the conversation below and stay tuned for more.


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