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A new one-stop shop for Wales archival film footage and photography has been launched to showcase the country’s top creative talent to customers around the world.

Cymru Creative Group, based in Aberystwyth, has created two digital platforms to promote and sell the services of talented Welsh filmmakers and photographers.

The new business was launched at the Mid Wales Tourism and Hospitality conference at the Metropole Hotel, Llandrindod Wells.

CymruStock offers Welsh archival production, footage and film services that connect broadcasters, advertising, marketing and businesses across industries, especially tourism, with top content creators spanning the entire spectrum. from Wales.

“CymruStock is the premier collaborative film, photography and production center where clients can harness the power and beauty of Wales in their marketing, production, advertising and social media,” said Charles Symons of Cymru Creative Group.

“Our network of extremely talented creatives across Wales works with clients at local and national level. We provide creative advice, editing services and specific shootings, and we are happy to discuss future projects.

CymruPrint is an e-commerce digital gallery that allows Welsh photographers to showcase and sell their photographs, artwork and illustrations to a global audience.

Both digital platforms have access to some of Wales’ top filmmakers, videographers and photographers who have their own profiles and biographies at CymruStock and CymruPrint.

“Our mission is to provide Welsh creators with a digitally level playing field to be heard, seen and to engage in business in an extremely competitive world dominated by commercial giants,” said Charles.

“This is the first time that Welsh creatives have had such quality digital platforms to showcase and sell their services and we are delighted with the interest generated at this early stage of development.

“We already have over 1,000 images stored on CymruPrint and we invite other talented photographers to join us in making sure every part of Wales is covered.

“We can also give clients professional advice on how our assets could be best used.

“The potential of Cymru Creative Group is enormous and we already have ideas to develop other platforms to present and sell specific services. The model is perfect for franchising in other countries.

Together with business partners Jamie Walker and Neil Ferguson, Charles used their in-depth knowledge of digital media to develop Cymru Creative Group.

This is a natural extension of his work as Managing Director of AMP Digital Services in Aberystwyth, which creates and delivers complete content, branding and marketing solutions from design to production. for customers across the UK.

The company specializes in video and film production, music video production, aerial photography and video, CGI creation, website creation, augmented reality, strategic marketing, branding Insight , development design, art direction printing, digital advertising and social media marketing.

CymruStock received a grant from the Ceredigion Council via the Arfor innovation fund funded by the Welsh government. The fund is designed to pilot innovative approaches in promoting entrepreneurship, business growth, community resilience and the Welsh language in the region of Arfor, West Wales.

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