Photographers, here are three gifts for yourself in 2022



During the holiday season, we think a lot about what to give to our family and friends. We buy and make gifts, wrap them, write the cards and look forward to giving them to those we love. But what about us? Do we love each other too?

I admit that I sometimes forget how to do it. In case you’re like me, I gave you a little reminder. I offer you three gifts that you can give yourself in 2022 or even at Christmas. And don’t worry, you don’t even need the cash for two in three!

More quality time with your camera

The last two years have been tough for all of us, for sure. Some of you may have had other ideas for personal projects, and that’s great! But some photographers have been a little (or a lot) less creative over the past couple of years, I know they have. On the other hand, some of them were forced to do more shoots that they didn’t 100% enjoy.

No matter what group you belong to, spending quality time with your camera is never a bad idea. Whether you’re a hobbyist or doing photography for a living, in 2022 you should treat yourself to some quality time with your camera. That means more photo walks, more home photo experiences, more portraits of your loved ones… you name it. Try to find time to work on this project that has been on your mind for a long time. Allow yourself to lose track of time with the camera in hand. Do this as often as you can – it will charge you up and remind you why you fell in love with photography in the first place.

Learn something new

One of the best things about photography (and any other art form for that matter) is that you never stop learning. No matter how proficient you are, there is always something new to master. Learning keeps you alert and focused. I would say it also pushes your inner child to explore and stay curious. And we must not neglect our inner child.

So in 2022, treat yourself to learning something new. It may be a whole new genre that you will start to explore. For me, I hope it will be street photography and long exposure landscape photography. You can also enroll in an online or live course if you prefer to learn through a structured program. After all, it doesn’t even have to be photography related! Just keep your mind busy and stay curious, this is another thing that will make you feel good about yourself and your job.

Equipment you’ve wanted for ages

Since most people think of tangible things when they talk about gifts, I decided to include one as well. If you’ve saved the money, 2022 might be the time to get yourself some new gear. But I’m not talking about the latest and greatest camera released three days ago and it’s pretty similar to your current one. I mean, if that’s your wish, go ahead, but I was talking about something you wanted for ages.

You really wanted a GoPro, but there was always something more important. Or maybe a compact camera to finally be more discreet as a street photographer? Maybe you just wanted a new backdrop or an LED light up bracelet? It doesn’t have to be something big, just something you’ve really wanted for so long, but kept putting off buying. For me it was an equipment bag – but I got one for my birthday this month. So, I guess I’ll skip that giveaway in 2022, but I fully intend to treat myself to the other two.

So which of these three gifts will you give yourself? Is there anything else on your list? Feel free to share your thoughts. Merry Christmas!



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