Photographers discuss the changing world of photography


For Wini, video has become the dominant medium, and many of her recent questions about taking video during photoshoots have come to prominence.

“More of my recent [client]inquiries ask for supporting video during a photo shoot.

“The obvious change is that social media is evolving to be more video-centric. Also, websites can handle video formats better, and we can find videos on landing pages, e-commerce, ads contextual, etc. Brands and media will always need photographic support, but I don’t think video is going away anytime soon.

“Quantity over quality: During a recent shoot, a client told me that it was more important to spend our time getting a good number of photos than to perfect each image. This does not mean that the image quality is lower. particular shoot, we spent less time changing sets and adjusting new lighting setups and focused more on the number of shots. The first question clients ask me is usually, “How many shots can you get per day?” We have to find a balance between getting lots of photos and expressing our creativity.

“Small and mighty productions: With COVID and limited budgets, productions are getting smaller and smaller. Sometimes the first assistant or photographer will act as a digitech. Prop stylists or members of the marketing team are also hand models. Personally, I like small, intimate productions because it’s easier to build up morale and energy during a shoot. This translates into higher quality photos and a more intimate customer experience. In addition, productions remain local and producers/editors seek local talent and crew for projects.”


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