PeachPay – The all-in-one tool for freelancers and freelancers


[Washington, D.C, United States 23 Dec 2021] The innovative all-inclusive app, PeachPay, helps freelancers and other categories of users manage their businesses and grow amid rave reviews.

PeachPay is quickly becoming the go-to tool for freelancers in different parts of the world, taking the stress out of handling multiple tools to effectively manage their business and ultimately grow their business with relative ease. The Washington, DC-based startup was founded by a team of forward-thinking individuals, led by passionate entrepreneur Charles Zhang, and has grown in popularity and acceptance among freelancers and freelancers.

“When I work freelance, you have to do a lot of things that you didn’t do as an employee. Freelancers don’t care about tools. They care about performing their tasks in a transparent way,” said PeachPay founder Charles Zhang.

There has been a steady increase in the demand for freelancers across the globe lately with India being ranked as the second fastest growing freelancer market in the world with around 15 million freelancers. In a related development, more and more freelancers are emerging every day to meet the needs of businesses and other categories of clients, with the industry becoming a trillion-dollar market. One of the significant challenges facing the millions of freelancers scattered around the world is managing their business effectively to avoid missing deadlines, which could ultimately affect their delivery and customer satisfaction. Over the years, a plethora of tools and other similar solutions have been developed by different companies to solve this problem. However, many of these tools have not effectively addressed user concerns in terms of comprehensiveness and usability, where PeachPay aims to make a difference.

It is undoubtedly difficult to juggle creative freelance work and managing back-office tasks such as scheduling meetings with clients, sending invoices, paying on time and many more. However, the complexities have come to an end with PeachPay, meeting the growing and diverse needs of freelancers and freelancers, as an all-in-one task management tool.

PeachPay currently serves the $1.4 trillion freelancing market, saving users a lot of time while improving their earning power. The team behind PeachPay has also helped 50,000 nonprofits from over 35 countries raise over $1 billion in online donations through its sister company Donorbox. Reports show that the startup has around 14,000 freelancers and consultants who have registered on the platform.

The features and benefits of PeachPay that have continued to endear it to thousands of freelancers around the world include a user-friendly interface that allows users to set up their profile in minutes, compatibility with top-notch payment systems, including Stripe and Coinbase and sending invoices in over 100 different currencies and the most popular digital currencies.

The tool also ensures the easy integration of social media platforms to reach a wider audience. PeachPay also provides unlimited opportunities for people to earn money by selling their viewing hours, digital goods and services while receiving a one-time payment as well as a recurring payment for offers.

PeachPay already enjoys rave reviews from different categories of users, including freelancers, consultants, influencers, online tutors, streamers, and musicians, among others. “With FishingPay, I was able to accept donations from my Twitch channel. I created a new side stream of income,” said Alex, a Twitch Live streamer.

For more information about PeachPay and to join the revolutionary movement that takes the freelancing experience to a whole new level, visit – PeachPay also has a growing online community on different social media platforms including Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.


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