PacLights provides top notch commercial light fixtures


PacLights offers complete commercial LED lighting solutions with energy efficiency and high performance. Its products can help you make great first impressions, which are essential for success in commercial buildings.

PacLights is a United States-based lighting manufacturer headquartered in Chino, California, including its main sales, management, operations and IT offices as well as an assembly facility and of distribution. PacLights provides cost-effective commercial lighting solutions built to last with reliable, ambient lighting. It offers highly efficient, affordable, energy efficient and environmentally friendly advanced LED lighting solutions for commercial installations.

In response to a question about their services, a PacLights spokesperson said, “We are a leader Commercial LED Lighting Supplier and have adopted LED solid-state technology as the lighting source. We focus on quality and stand behind our products to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction. PacLights is a customer-centric company that uses advanced ERP and CRM systems to ensure customer satisfaction. It implements the best information technologies for the best customer service.

Order commercial lights for office, lobby, parking lot and entrance canopy. PacLights offers luminaires with exceptional energy savings, high-speed return on investment and low maintenance. The company can provide lighting solutions that provide radiant and even illumination. With PacLights, you can embrace energy efficiency and forget about maintenance. You can find durable fixtures at PackLights to enhance office lighting or add extra light to a warehouse. PacLights also provides lighting control solutions that bring innovative design and next-generation functionality to commercial applications. There are several options to choose from including distributed controls, wireless controls, occupancy/vacancy sensors, daylight controls, and more.

PacLights LED luminaires redefine the art of interior lighting and deliver the efficiency, performance and style you need for lighting in hospitality, retail and office lighting. They will stay bright for up to 100,000 hours. Even running for about 12 hours a day, that’s over 22 years of light for shopping malls, residential parks, college campuses, commercial parking lots, hospital grounds, and other applications. The company can help you provide increased visibility and security to your visitors.

PacLights also provides outdoor luminaires for pavement lighting, floodlighting, site/area lighting, hazardous location lighting, wall lighting, canopy lighting and outdoor lighting. other commercial applications. With PacLights Outdoor LED luminaires, you can reduce maintenance costs and maximize energy savings. The company can help you provide increased visibility and security to your visitors. It provides smart solutions for all your commercial lighting needs.

About PacLights

PacLights is a leading manufacturer of commercial lighting fixtures. The company provides the highest quality lighting solutions for indoor and outdoor installations. Its products are environmentally friendly and energy efficient.

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