Opening of the first shopping center in the West Bund



Ti Gong

The AI ​​Plaza will open on Thursday.

The West Bund’s first flagship commercial project will open on Thursday to primarily serve employees of high-tech companies, residents and visitors to the famous Huangpu River waterfront.

The AI ​​Plaza will involve nature, art and the latest smart applications developed by leading artificial intelligence companies based in the neighboring Shanghai AI Tower, a key site for the city’s ambition to become an “AI Highland” global.

Covering 75,000 square meters, the eight-story square stands amid more than 20 art galleries, exhibition halls, theaters and libraries on the waterfront, which is set to become “Asia’s largest arts district. “. It is connected to Yunjing Road station of subway line 11 and AI tower.

“The AI ​​Plaza will blend the cultural atmosphere, artistic vibes and the smart gene of the West Bund to become a unique monument,” said Gan Jin, vice chairman of the West Bund Group, which is in charge of frontline development. Wed.

Opening of the first shopping center in the West Bund

Ti Gong

The West Bund waterfront along the Huangpu River.

The CATLAB team of digital artists will unveil their original multimedia art installation “Magic Forest” in the atrium of the shopping center. The “forest” weather will change based on actual weather conditions.

China’s first NeoBio Museum and an experience room based on “The Three Bodies Problem”, a novel by famous Chinese science fiction author Liu Cixin, will open in the new mall. An NBA POP-UP flash mob event will also be organized there to mark the 75th anniversary of the US National Basketball Association.

The square will primarily serve the 300,000 employees and scientists working in the region, some 900,000 residents living in the riverside communities as well as more than one million visitors to art galleries and museums each year. The open space on the seafront attracts 11 million tourists and citizens every year.

The plaza will be included in the “West Bund Life” AI app which allows visitors to shop or view art exhibitions on the waterfront with a mobile phone.

Opening of the first shopping center in the West Bund

Ti Gong

The AI ​​Plaza is connected to the Shanghai AI Tower.

Xuhui’s waterfront area, with an 11.4-kilometer shoreline along the Huangpu River, reflects the city’s early industrial heritage, once including a coal wharf, a cement factory, several giant fuel tanks, and an aircraft hangar. .

They have been converted into popular cultural venues such as the Long Museum, West Bund Art Center, and Tank Shanghai Art Park. Almost 100 cultural events and exhibitions are organized there each year.

The new square will cooperate with artists and galleries to host indoor art exhibitions and create a specialized area to sell innovative artistic products.

It aims to become Shanghai’s “AI Valley” by attracting some of the world’s best scientists and companies working in artificial intelligence. Leading AI companies in China and abroad – including Microsoft Research Asia, Huawei and Alibaba, and start-ups United Imaging and Yitu – have offices in the AI ​​tower.

Opening of the first shopping center in the West Bund

Ti Gong



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