Omri Hurwitz on building a media powerhouse, tech journalism and the art of the substack


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If you’re into tech and hang out on LinkedIn or Twitter, you’ve probably heard of Omri Hurwitz. The Israeli Tech Marketer constantly promotes his client startups, while providing commentary and analysis on all things tech, especially when it comes to PR or how tech journalism should evolve. “I think now the tech community finally understands how funding announcements don’t tell the whole story.” Hurwitz says, “Additionally, private valuations only matter to VCs who want to sell secondary stocks. Most tech people shouldn’t care how much a startup has raised; they should care about product, service and the ability to build a real profitable business. “.

In recent months, we’ve seen more and more people on Twitter talking about the huge wake-up call the tech industry is getting. Also, it’s very evident how Tech publications like Hackernoon, which are more tech-focused, are growing their audience over their competitors, which is a strong indication that technologists actually want to read about Tech, not just about private sites. ratings.

“The idea of ​​private valuations is ridiculous. It’s just built by analysts with an agenda. It’s just a guessing game. If you’re pre-IPO, that’s another thing, and that valuation before the IPO is done by the institutional anyway.” When asked about PR alternatives to funding announcements, Hurwitz said, “Deep tech product articles, strong thought leadership, commentary on market trends. There really are huge opportunities to offer credibility and authority. I think too many startups think that if they don’t have funding announcement type news, they won’t get media coverage. But you don’t need a funding announcement to dominate with thought leadership.

It’s very obvious that Hurwitz is passionate about this; he continues to show examples, case studies and analytical statistics to prove his point. “I can talk about it all day,” he says, “We built our innovative PR agency on those principles.”

Hurwitz’s PR agency works with some of the most talked about startups in the ecosystem. Hurwitz says their data-driven philosophy helps them amplify the reach and authority of their clients in ways the industry has never seen before.

Hurwitz also writes for high profile publications like Entrepreneur, Forbes, Yahoo Finance and others and says that when he pitches stories to his colleagues, he can easily tell how hungry they are for real tech stories. “What do you think a tech reporter signed up for the job to be able to put out some kind of press release? Well, maybe some are like that, but let me tell you this: a lot of tech writers want to write something really deep. and valuable, and these days if they see their editors being too strict, they just go to Substack and publish what they want, when they want.”

The independent creator economy has really grown and platforms like Substack have, in a way, decentralized the publishing of media. Audiences seem to rely more on independent creators they trust than on agenda-laden, politically-oriented media publications. “Look, it’s not just Substack. There are posts that try to think outside the box. Look at New York Tech Media, yes, they’re sponsoring my video show, and yes, I might be biased by mentioning them, but they let me do the interviews exactly how I want to do them. They trust that I know what my audience wants.

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