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Official USA made its first public statement since New York City officials sued it in November for allegedly failing to pay freelancers.

The American outpost of the French luxury media brand said it made a formal settlement offer to New York City in December and is “currently in talks with the city to finalize a settlement.”

Although he declined to share any documentation, The Official claimed that he offered to arrange payment of all amounts due, which will be made within five business days of full execution of a settlement agreement. regulation. He did not disclose the amount of money.

In a joint statement, L’Officiel’s board of directors said, “We are committed to cooperating with the city and supporting independent talent in the United States and around the world. We intend to pave the way for meaningful change across the industry.

A New York City spokesperson did not immediately respond to request for comment.

She sued L’Officiel over the Freelance Isn’t Free law, which requires a hiring party to pay the freelancer for services provided no later than the date compensation is due under the law. of the contract, or if the contract does not specify, no later than 30 days after the end of the services of the self-employed person under the contract.

In the lawsuit, he said the affected freelancers, and the city as a whole, suffered harm as a direct result of L’Officiel’s actions and that the city is entitled to injunctive relief, civil penalties and all other appropriate remedy, while the injured self-employed are entitled to recover double damages for breach of FIFA payment provisions.

“Freelancers are an important part of New York’s workforce, and their work isn’t free,” then-mayor Bill de Blasio said. “We will not allow L’Officiel to reap the benefits of our talented freelancers without compensating them for their hard work. To those who break the law: New York City will hold you accountable.

This is the first time New York City has sued a media company through FIFA, which was established in 2017, and the media will no doubt be watching the outcome of this lawsuit closely and wondering. whether more publishers could now be targeted via FIFA.


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