NSU will introduce a media and journalism course starting in fall 2022


North South University (NSU) will introduce the Bachelor of Social Sciences (BSS) in Media and Journalism (MAJ) program in the upcoming fall semester, starting the last week of September 2022.

With this program, NSU plans to produce a highly qualified and talented pool of young, intelligent journalists to meet the demand of national markets, reads a press release.

NSU’s new MAJ program will also create opportunities for students to work with international media such as BBC, CNN, Al Jazeera, etc.

There is also the prospect of pursuing higher education abroad to become media specialists in journalism, film studies, television and radio production, social media analysis, data, digital storytelling, algorithmic politics, fake news versus real news, game studies, advertising and public relations.

Equipped with the global standard curriculum, which was recently approved by the University Grants Commission, this new MAJ course from NSU will provide practical and theoretical training in the challenging and ever-changing media environment of Bangladesh.

As online and digital skills are the order of the day in the media industry worldwide, NSU’s MAJ program will be no exception. Its state-of-the-art digital laboratory and on-campus radio and television facility will allow students to learn and practice freely and joyfully.

This program will be led by a group of distinguished faculty members with PhDs in Journalism, Media Studies, Film and Cultural Studies, hailing from North American and European countries, as well as Australia, New Zealand and Japan. These faculties have written books and research articles published in prestigious journals such as Springer and Palgrave Macmillan.

Aspiring students will also benefit from rich experiences in theory and practice, as some faculty members are former journalists and have experience working in a diverse communications industry.

Being the first private university in the country with continued recognition of being at the top of international rankings, the NSU MAJ program is likely to attract deserving students to pursue this BSS program, which will not only develop someone professionally, but also will inspire him to serve both citizens and the country with a human spirit.

Subject to fulfilling the conditions, deserving students can also benefit from a scholarship and 100% financial aid.

The deadline for submitting applications is August 10, while the admission test will take place on August 13.

Applicants can apply online at http://apply.northsouth.edu.


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