New data shows full-time freelancers are more likely to be satisfied with their overall work life


Being independent is not easy. But according to a new report, this type of work could lead to an overall happier working life.

Joblist released the results of a work-life survey of more than 1,000 employees across the country, and found that those who identified as self-employed were more fulfilled. 60.1% of respondents who identified as full-time self-employed said they had more free time, followed by almost 55% of those who said they felt they had the opportunity to gain career autonomy by working on a freelance basis rather than working a traditional 40-hour job.

Remuneration was also a key element of the survey.

While full-time employees were more likely to be satisfied with their effort-to-pay ratio, full-time freelancers were more likely to be satisfied with their work life overall.

Freelancers reported higher stress levels around money, implying that they had to do more work to earn the amount needed to support themselves. The report also pointed out that increased anxiety may be due to career instability, where work opportunities must be pursued vigorously and independently. They also pointed out that freelancers tend to have a “grass is greener” mentality because they can move from one role to another if something more appealing catches their eye, unlike full-time employees.


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