Nawazuddin Siddiqui on big-budget commercial films lacking real cinema


Nawazuddin Siddiqui is not a mainstream actor but he is known as one of the most phenomenal entertainers in the Bollywood industry. Since Thackeray for Wasseypur Gangsthe versatile actor has always wowed his fans with his amazing acting skills.

However, he has always been candid about how commercial films make it harder for low-budget but good films to gain deserved recognition with audiences. In a recent interview with bollywood hungamahe says more about how these big budget movies just dazzle and don’t create real cinema.

Nawazuddin Siddiqui Explains How Big Budget Movies Lack Real Cinema And Don’t Care About Skills

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“Such films dazzle and create admiration, that planes are launched and fish are made to fly. These are visual experiences that even I love to watch but where is the cinema? Nawazuddin says it all thanking the OTT platforms that it is thanks to them that good films are made. “I think children like these shocking films. A young spirit is a progressive spirit. We should have been more progressive after two years, but unfortunately , it did not happen,” he added.

He goes on to say, “I thought maybe after a two-year pandemic people would have watched world cinema and there would be a change. But jiss tarah ki image abhi hit ho rahi hain aisa lagta ke salahiyat gayi tel lene, yaha entertain karo aur surface level pe entertain karo logon ko (Movies that are hit now, it feels like the skills are cursed, entertain people on superficial levels).”

Why good low budget movies have no place in the Bollywood industry

Credit: Instagram/nawazuddin._siddiqui

Bollywood has always favored commercial films over films that have real acting and artistry. Due to these big budget commercial movies, it becomes difficult for good little movies to get out on the big screen. And those who do, people hardly come to see it, which affects their box office earnings.

And one of those projects is Manto, a biographical film about the life of the eminent writer Saadat Hasan Manto. “I played the main role in Manto too, but how many people are there to watch it? Nawazuddin says in the interview when asked if the main main concept changes in commercial cinema.

Bollywood fanatics would rather see movies that have nothing to do with real life. They love to watch movies that will transport them to an imaginary world, such as where you can kick your enemy from a distance of one foot while making them fly.

Nawazuddin also once shared that he made many movies just for the money and will continue to do so, so he can act in good movies. “I make such films, where I make a lot of money, so that I can make good cinema, where I don’t make money, or that I can make for free,” he said, adding that he worked in Manto free.

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