National University of Anant Announces Master of Arts Program in Built Environment Journalism


The program covers aspects of art, culture, history, climate, tangible and intangible heritage, environment, building materials and more that offer insights to a journalist when explores stories for graduates and experienced professionals.

Anant National University has launched its Master of Arts program in Built Environment Journalism. The unique two-year full-time postgraduate program aims to equip students with the writing skills necessary to explain and communicate the ever-changing challenges of improving, safety and sustainability of the built environment.

The multidisciplinary program, led by program director Yashwant Raj, a former journalist for the Hindustan Times and Times of India, is designed to bring the real world into the classroom and introduce students to writing about the challenges of built environment that affect us. every day as individuals and as members of our larger communities. Students will explore these challenges through deliberation, research, inquiry, and discussion with AnantU’s faculty of experienced scholars, architects, practitioners, journalists, and writers.

Spread over two years in four semesters, the program will progress by focusing on writing about world-impacting issues in a variety of fields. The program will see students examine the impact of infrastructure, such as transport, community and health. Subsequently, students will explore the challenges posed by systems and policies on conventional and unconventional audiences. The course will conclude with a capstone project – the most comprehensive work of the course on a subject of the student’s choosing – selected, reviewed and performed under the close supervision and guidance of a faculty member.

The last date to register for the course is July 24, 2022. The course will start at the end of August. Eligible students can also apply for need-based scholarships. Students can opt for a hybrid model for the course, where part of the course will be on campus and part will be online.


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