NAP transforms Atlanta’s Colony Square with wayfinding kiosks


At the corner of 14th and Peachtree streets in Midtown Atlanta is Colony Square. The destination was the first-ever mixed-use development to develop in the southeastern United States. Cincinnati, Ohio-based North American Properties (NAP) acquired Colony Square in late 2015. NAP set an ambitious goal for the mixed-use destination. They wanted to bring “The Art of Modern Living”, NAP’s core concept, to a historic Atlanta neighborhood. This had to be done without interrupting animated operations during construction.

With the redevelopment fully underway, NAP also needed to introduce new businesses to thousands of residents and daily visitors; retail, dining and entertainment options. They also need to introduce amenities and help them navigate the transformed streetscape.

For more than 50 years, Colony Square has been the anchor of the 1.2 square mile Midtown neighborhood. The neighborhood is currently home to three Fortune 1000 companies, three world-class universities, and 1.2 million annual visitors. It also includes cultural highlights like Piedmont Park and the High Museum of Art.

NAP’s Challenge: Introducing a New and Improved Colony Square

“Our biggest challenge during the redevelopment was navigating the construction and navigating the project site,” says Jay Yu, chief digital and innovation officer at NAP. Yu and his team tried several highly tactile approaches to helping people find directions through Colony Square throughout the redevelopment. They provided pop-up and mobile concierge services and personalized text support.

Finally, Yu contacted Visual Image to install four digital signage and wayfinding kiosks in and around Colony Square. “It wasn’t until we purchased our kiosks that we really found the best solution,” says Yu. The solution would continue to serve residents and visitors throughout the redevelopment project. It would also support and strengthen the community in the long run.

The solution: visual communications that grow with the community

Visual Image designed a wayfinding and visual communication solution comprising four custom Meridian VIC outdoor touchscreen kiosks. These were powered by 22Miles’ cloud-based content management platform, Publisher Pro.AioT.

22Miles’ 3D Interactive Wayfinding solution immediately simplified navigation for guests and administrators. The software offers adaptive technology options for preferred routes, ADA wheelchair adjustments, hotel map dynamics, and density-controlled traffic flows. These features allowed residents and visitors to quickly and easily map efficient routes without being blocked by closures or construction. Dynamic map pop-ups also helped introduce new retail and restaurant outlets as they joined the development.

Additionally, all kiosks were equipped with Touchless Touch technology, part of 22Miles’ Protection-as-a-Service suite. This was crucial for a high traffic area during the COVID-19 pandemic. The feature allows users to control interactive digital signage using their personal mobile device via a QR code scan. There is also no need to install an app first. The result was a technology solution that all users could feel comfortable interacting with.

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The Results: The New Midtown Atlanta Lounge

The Colony Square development was completed in 2021 by NAP. It is now home to nearly one million square feet of Class A office space. It has 160,000 square feet of retail, dining and entertainment offerings as well as 40,000 square feet of office space. outdoor greens. On top of that, it has 262 luxury condo residences and the 466-key Midtown Hotel.

“When we first started thinking about activating the property and working with the community, it was all about engagement and what happens between buildings; not just the buildings themselves,” says Yu. He adds that they have now held more than 200 events in total.

Visual communication and content management systems have been instrumental in this transformation. Residents and visitors eager to experience what’s new in Colony Square have also embraced the systems. Since its installation in October 2020, the kiosks have had over 155,400 button clicks and 51,000 visits for wayfinding. These numbers exceeded NAP’s expectations. According to a statement, kiosks aren’t just a convenient solution. They embody “The Art of Modern Living”.

Review of Colony Square

“We consistently get positive feedback on the booths from our guests, tenants, and team,” says Yu. to be flawless in terms of the overall user experience. The hardware also stood the test. Yu adds, “In Atlanta, you never know what you’re going to get with the weather. [Our kiosks] have withstood the elements all this time.

The company points to Colony Square’s successful reimagining as a modern, mixed-use urban neighborhood as a glimpse into NAP’s future. “Colony Square has been an incubator and testing ground for technology and innovation,” adds Yu. “We are using this project to formulate a technical manual for our other properties to improve the guest experience. I expect us to invest more in technology, to be more creative and to be more innovative with all our project sites. »

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