Muqadas Amir ranks among the top freelancers and bloggers in Pakistan


Passionate freelancer and backlink builder, Muqadas Amir, continues to expand her reach across the globe amid rave reviews from local and international clients

Muqadas Amir has undoubtedly carved out a niche for herself in the freelance market, the avid blogger and backlink builder honing her skills over the years and becoming a sought-after name in the industry. The Mianwali native has worked with several clients in Pakistan and other parts of the world, through a team of experienced freelancers with diverse skills and expertise, including graphic designers, web designers, front-end developers, content writers and digital marketing, including others.

The global freelance market continues to evolve as more and more professionals enter the industry to provide services to clients around the world. One name, Muqadas Amir, seems to have mastered the art of delivering beyond expectations, a claim backed up by rave reviews from customers. The BS Computer Science graduate was able to break away from the norm, defying her family’s compulsion to pursue a career in chemistry and her not-too-pleasant childhood experience to learn different freelancing skills and succeed in her choice.

Muqadas Amir didn’t sail smoothly into freelancing as the self-taught freelancer failed on Fiverr before securing a local order for just 100 PKR which practically sparked a spark in her and the rest they claim is up. to the story. Muqadas underwent training and became the first in her group to earn an Upwork order. The 28-year-old blogger has seen it all in the world of freelancing and was able to get her whole family to perform Umrah using her savings as well as support from her sister’s wedding and investing in a local business.

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