MSU journalism grad starts career as a stylish nail technician


When it comes to creativity, Michigan State University graduate and Detroit native Audrey Porter transforms her clients with some of her stylish nail designs.

Porter graduated from Michigan State University with her bachelor’s degree in journalism. She had taken a few courses in public relations, but soon after graduating she realized she had a passion for nail art. Now she provides manicures and pedicures from her home-based nail business.

The nail technician explained that she had applied for a few positions in her field and in public relations, but she said she hadn’t researched those positions too much.

“I kind of went straight to work and also started doing nails because I’ve always had a thing for cosmetology anyway,” Porter said. “So I just went with what I liked, and now it’s been a year and more now that I’ve been doing nails consistently.”

The Michigan State graduate said she got her love of cosmetology from her family and growing up it had always been part of her home.

“My mom, she, she knew how to do her hair. She did my hair. My dad, he used to cut my hair back in the day, but like he’ll cut my brother’s hair,” Porter said. “And so actually now my brother is a barber. He’s also someone who’s in a professional world and works alone at a job that you know he loves.”

Like beauty, Porter has also engaged in customizing wigs and makeup, but now she barely touches her brushes. When she’s not honing her craft, she likes to sit and stay home, relax and watch TV. She says that since the return of the hit show “Snowfall,” she’ll tune in after her customers have come and gone.

In addition to seeing herself grow as an artist, the 23-year-old mentioned that clients motivate her as a designer. She says her goal is to make them happy and comfortable after a date with her.

“I get all different types of storylines with stories when I get a client from a bad experience or either you know they won’t be uncomfortable with something like me doing somebody’s feet, you know,” Porter said. “I always try to do them, you know, so like I’m fine and I don’t mind touching your feet.”

Being a nail technician comes with great responsibility. Servicing numerous customers on a daily basis has become a full-time job for Porter. She had expressed it until February 2022. She had accumulated more customers than she had ever won before thanks to a special Valentine’s Day offer that she had posted on her Instagram account and her website. reservation.

While this wasn’t the first special she’s done, it kept her busy throughout the month. The artist said she does a lot of promotions with discounted prices because she likes the deals to bring in her new and existing clientele.

Now that Porter has realized that she has a real aspiration behind nail art, she wants to continue her journey into the future. She even talked about opening a joint shop with her brother, who cuts hair. Although she didn’t give an exact time frame, her hope is that the facility will be located in her hometown on the west side of Detroit.

“I would be more part-time than full-time once, you know, I got a store and got this setup,” Porter said. “At some point, I’ll just become a boss. But at the moment, I like to do nails.”

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