Motif FoodWorks Announces Commercial Launch of HEMAMI ™, Food-Tech Obtains Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) Status From FDA



The flavor and aroma of meat – without the animal
HEMAMI â„¢ is a heme protein derived from yeast that provides umami flavor and a meaty aroma to burgers, sausages, chicken and other plant-based meat substitutes. HEMAMI â„¢ is no different from the heme protein found in beef; it is simply produced in a new way, called precision fermentation, without the animal. It’s a revolution in food production with benefits for humans, animals and the planet.

While sales of meat substitutes have increased 23% over the past two years *, the category continues to be held back due to consumer concerns about taste. In reality, two out of three Americans (67%) would eat more plant-based options than meat if these products tasted better.

“Plant-based foods have the potential to lead to a more sustainable future, but that doesn’t matter unless people actually eat them,” said Jonathan mcintyre, CEO of Motif FoodWorks. “HEMAMI â„¢ enables a whole new level of taste and experience for meat substitutes that a wider group of plant-based and flexitarian consumers will love. “

The FDA recognizes HEMAMI â„¢ as generally recognized as safe (GRAS)
Motif also announced that it had received a letter stating that the FDA had “no further questions” in response to the company’s Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS). submission for HEMAMI â„¢.

The GRAS notice covers the use of HEMAMI â„¢ to impart flavor and aroma to meat substitutes. The company has also submitted a color additive application to the FDA for the use of HEMAMI â„¢ as a color additive. This request is currently under review by the regulatory body.

New Market Development Center
The commercial launch of HEMAMI â„¢ closes a year of massive growth for Motif, in particular with the history of the company $ 226 million in Series B financing. Due to increased customer demand for consumer packaged products and foodservice, the company will open a new R&D center as well as a pilot scale production facility for HEMAMI â„¢; its texture technology, APPETEX â„¢; and for other new food technologies and plant-based finished products.

The new 65,000 square foot facility will include three pilot plants for the production of fermentation, ingredients and finished products. Food technologies and finished products created at the site will be used for consumer testing and customer sampling, as well as validating process techniques before being sent to large-scale production partners. Situated in Northborough, Massachusetts, the site will accommodate up to 100 employees and will also include state-of-the-art food technology, analysis and bioprocessing laboratories. Construction on the new facility will begin this month and is expected to be fully online in the second half of 2022.

“To execute our holistic innovation process and rapidly develop and commercialize our proprietary technologies and products, we must control the facilities and capabilities required to test, validate and evolve our food technology,” said McIntyre. “We look forward to the opportunities and innovation that our new facility will bring to Motif and our customers. “

Try HEMAMI â„¢ for yourself
For the chance to taste plant-based foods in the future and try HEMAMI â„¢ and APPETEX â„¢ in a plant-based burger, stop by the Motif FoodWorks booth (# 229) at Universal Plant Exhibition in new York to December 9 and 10. For more information, visit

About Motif FoodWorks
Motif FoodWorks is a food technology company dedicated to making plant-based foods tastier, more nutritious, and so desirable that people want them. The company’s mission is to unlock the promise of plant-based foods by taking a new, holistic approach to ingredient development that combines science and technology – fused with sensory fundamentals – to reveal entirely new answers. By changing our understanding of plant-based foods, Motif will enable enviable products that exceed expectations for taste and experience, unlocking benefits for people and our planet. For more information visit

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* SPINS Total MULO + Natural Enhanced – Last 52 Weeks Ending 10/31/2021

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