More than 5000 photographers from 65 countries will participate in the international photography festival in Hyderabad


Hyderabad will host the International Photographer of the Year Awards (IPOY 2022) in September 2022 where over 5000 photographers from 65 countries are expected to compete.

All award-winning photographers will fly to Hyderabad. This will help position Hyderabad, its brand, culture and identity. Hyderabad is already a global city. The competition allows us to showcase the city, its culture, its uniqueness to the global photography community and others, said Mr. BM Santhosh, IAS, MD, Hyderabad Growth Corridor Limited (HGCL) and Secretary of the Authority Hyderabad Metropolitan Development Authority (HMDA) while addressing a press conference in the city at HMDA office in Khajaguda on Friday. Speaking further, the HMDA officer said that although HMDA is a planning agency from Hyderabad to Telangana, it is also responsible not only for planning but also for laying out its infrastructure, promotion of the city, art and culture. This is the reason why HMDA is associated with the awards program, which would be a comprehensive set of photography awards held for the first time in South Asia. The Indian Photo Festival (IPF) has been exposed to over 4 million viewers and its website is visited from 140 countries. Seven editions have taken place to date. This bodes well for us. Although Hyderabad is well known in the world, we are still going to enhance its stature. More people will discover Hyderabad. It helps us to promote the city, added Mr BM Santhosh.

Mr. Aquin Mathews, Founder and Director of the IPF Festival informed that entries will be called in eight categories such as Photojournalism, Documentary, Travel and Nature, Wildlife, Street, Portraiture, Wedding and Mobiles. We have democratized participation by adding ‘Mobiles’ as a category. So people don’t have to worry that this contest is only for professionals. Today, with a mobile phone in hand, everyone is a photographer and videographer, said Mr. Aquin Mathews, founder and director of the IPF festival. “Photography can change the world. It has been a great pedagogue. It has the power to change your perspective on life. It is a universal language. beautiful memories. She has the power to stop time for a moment. Now he will add his power to promote Hyderabad globally,” Aquin said. by the winners. It will be open for applications from photographers worldwide from March 21. And the last date will be June 21. The shortlisted winners will be announced on August 15. The awards will be presented on September 10, 2022 in Hyderabad. All the winning photographs will be displayed at the IPF exhibition to be held in Hyderabad from September 11 to October 12, shared by Mr. Aquin Mathews MP Ramakrishna Rao, Chairman of CREDAI Hyderabad, said that the more 400 years old, pos has many monuments, rocks, landscapes and attractions, which can be well presented to an international audience. IPOY 2022 helps promote Hyderabad and attract more visitors to the city. He also advised the organizers to include the “Host City Award”. According to Aquin, the goal of this awards program is to discover compelling images, help photographers get their work validated, and be recognized for their good work. It will also help build community. “The winning images and the winning photographers will have the opportunity to travel to different places around the world and also promote their works. Our mission is to make photography accessible to everyone,” said Aquin. (ANI)

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