Message from President Banks on Journalism at Texas A&M University


Texas A&M University President Katherine Banks said Friday she is considering The Battalion and a state-of-the-art journalism degree program, as well as KAMU-TV and radio, all housed under the same roof in the proposed project. arts center.

“I strongly believe in a strong journalism program, which is why I’m bringing the degree back and look forward to being the number one choice for students pursuing a journalism degree,” Banks said. “With the return of the degree and the return of The Battalion to an academic department – ​​combined with our new facilities and an innovative examination of the future of journalism at A&M – I believe we will elevate the profession and help rebuild trust in the media. ”

Today, President Banks changed the decision to end the print version of The Battalion in mid-February. The journal is published once a week during the spring and fall semesters, and every two weeks in the summer. After speaking with the Battalion’s student leadership, Banks said the print portion could continue until the end of the semester.

She stressed that students should focus on the digital future of journalism. Eight in 10 Americans get their news from a smartphone, computer or tablet, according to a Pew Research Center to study.

“Times have changed and we want The Battalion and others interested in journalism as a profession to be at the forefront when they graduate,” she said.

Banks said the university would cover the battalion’s lost advertising revenue.

“In many ways, we are at the start of a new and exciting era of journalism that will bring together new professors, industry professionals and students to create new kinds of digital content. We want to give our student journalists the necessary preparation to succeed in a rapidly changing industry,” Banks said. “Although it’s a tough decision, I think it’s the best way forward.”


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