Los Alamos Daily Post honored with state and national journalism awards


Members of the Post’s press team gathered for a group photo Wednesday celebrating their state and national journalism awards, from left, sportswriter/broadcaster Mike Cote, photographer John McHale, advertising executive KayLinda Crawford, Editor-in-Chief Clara Clark, Publisher Carol A. Clark, Chamber Director Ryn Herrmann, Government Reporter Kirsten Laskey, Lifestyles Editor and Art Director Bonnie J. Gordon, Newspapers Distribution Coordinator Delbert Romero and photographer/videographer Nate Limback. Not pictured are social media editor Chris Clark, broadcaster Gene Mortensen, photographer Jenn Bartram and accountant Chip Clark. Zoom photo/Nate Limback

Los Alamos Daily Message

The first half of 2022 marked several notable accomplishments for the Los Alamos Daily Post. The paper celebrated its 10th anniversary in February, was honored with a National Journalism Award in April, and received its first-ever National Journalism Award in June.

Being honored at both the state and national level is a testament to the expertise and dedication of Post’s press team.

Los Alamos Chamber Director Ryn Herrmann nominated the Post for its news coverage and positive impact on local businesses during the pandemic, to the annual New Mexico Press Women (NMPW) competition.

“During the pandemic, small businesses in Los Alamos, like everywhere, have struggled to stay open. It was even worse in Los Alamos because the national lab was mostly working remotely, so there were very few potential customers, even in town,” Herrmann said. “The Los Alamos Daily Post has worked with the Los Alamos Chamber of Commerce to shine a light on local small businesses, through news stories and advertisements at no cost to struggling businesses. In the small community of Los Alamos, whether or not they are Chamber members, at least 20 small businesses have been helped using a combination of print and online copies, as well as advertisements. Not a single business that was helped in this way closed permanently in 2021. Many were able to switch to take-out, online and delivery offerings and with the help of the Daily Post they survived.

This campaign was started out of a clear need in the community, so there wasn’t really a clearly stated goal at the start, other than to simply help our small businesses survive during the pandemic.

“This objective has clearly been successful. The Daily Post was uniquely suited to reach the target audience of Los Alamos residents and effectively leveraged its print and digital media platform to reach likely small business supporters,” Herrmann said. “Without the support of Carol and her staff at the Daily Post, many of these small, local businesses may not be here in the community today.”

After honoring the position with a top state award, the NMPW competed in the 85th annual National Federation of Press Women (NFPW) competition. The Post received third place in the country out of more than 2,000 entries submitted across the United States.

Our national award was announced on Saturday, June 25 at the 2022 NFPW Annual Conference held in Fargo, ND. Being recognized for having a positive impact on our local small businesses makes it all the more meaningful.

Restaurant owner Laura Crucet at the Pig + Fig Café in White Rock praised the Post for its awards and spoke about the tough times businesses have gone through during the pandemic.

“The pandemic has been a difficult time for all small business owners – personally, professionally and emotionally,” Crucet said. “Having the support of the Los Alamos Daily Post to boost sales and morale in our day-to-day community has had an impact beyond words.”

Los Alamos businesswoman Shannon Cde Baca owns the building that houses the post office and many other small businesses.

“In Los Alamos, COVID has hit the fragile business ecosystem hard,” said Cde Baca. “Many companies have had to pivot quickly. As they did, the Daily Post gave them free publicity, published articles about what companies were doing, new hours, articles about who was still working. This effort has had a huge impact on the businesses I know. Often, this support was the only beacon of hope a local business needed to get through very dark days. They always do such a good job with articles about people and companies working in the city. When a new business opens, it is always ready to run a feature. It’s amazing for print media. For their support and extraordinary efforts during COVID, this award is well deserved.

Local artist and Village Arts owner Ken Nebel said, The Los Alamos Daily Post has always been extremely responsive to the needs of local businesses and proactive in helping to create a community that is always in the know! The Daily Post is an integral part of the fabric of this region with a deep understanding of the people it serves, and it has always been a strong advocate for us, especially during the pandemic and road construction when we were struggling the most.

Blue Window Bistro owner Melissa Paternoster and “her entire team” congratulated the press team saying, “Carol and her team – thank you for all you do for our community and congratulations on your award – you deserve so much!

Pet Pangea owner Cyndi Wells shared the following comment: “I really appreciated that the post helped our businesses stay visible when people were staying home during the pandemic,” she said.

Catherine Richmond owns Seeking Chameleon, an eclectic resale store in White Rock. She spoke about her experience with the Post.

“The Los Alamos Daily Post has demonstrated the community’s ultimate support during difficult COVID times,” Richmond said. “They provided free reviews, commercials and announcements for our local businesses which was a real giveaway. I deeply and heartily thank our local news source, the LA Daily Post.

So what’s next for the Post? We have our eye on an international journalism award of course!

About the Los Alamos Daily Post:

The Los Alamos Daily Post (Post) is the official state newspaper of Los Alamos County. Owned and operated by Carol A. Clark, the newspaper launched online on February 7, 2012, and is a member of the National Newspaper Association, Online Newspaper Association, New Mexico Press Association, New Mexico Press Women, and National Federation of Press Women.

The Post began publishing a weekly print edition in July 2015, which is delivered to every home and business in Los Alamos and White Rock and distributed through strategically placed display racks around the county. Readership has expanded to every state in the country and 129 countries around the world.

The newspaper had more than one million page views per month in 2015. The news team works with citizens across the community from its “world headquarters” at 1247 Central Ave. in downtown Los Alamos.

The paper’s number one goal is to provide readers with the best in local news coverage through print, photography and video.

Focusing on events happening in Los Alamos and White Rock, the news team reports from neighborhoods, schools, businesses; financial, cultural, and faith communities; and the science and engineering divisions of Los Alamos National Laboratory.

Readers also find the latest news from Los Alamos County, Los Alamos Police and Fire Departments, Los Alamos Public Schools, and UNM-Los Alamos.

Clark and his staff are very community minded and serve on local boards. The newspaper also sponsors, supports and contributes to local events and non-profit fundraisers.


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