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And the winners are …

The Fenton Arts Council produced the Freeze Frame Photo Contest this year as part of its “The Arts Are the Heart” series. Over the past two months, community members have photographed places they love in the Fenton area for this contest.

The winners were chosen and the exhibit was presented at Fenton’s Street Experience, near the Fenton Community and Culture Center.

The Fenton Arts Council would like to extend special thanks to Terry and Julie Green of Billmeier Camera in Fenton for printing the inscriptions and to Kelly Smith for printing the photographs.

For more information on the Fenton Arts Council, visit fentonartscouncil.com or find them on Facebook.

This event was sponsored in part by the Greater Flint Arts Council’s Share Art Genesee Grants Program, made possible by the Genesee County Art Education and Cultural Enrichment Millage Fund.

Linda Mora, director of early childhood learning at World of Wonder, said World of Wonder came up with the concept of PopUp Art Posts and created the posters to go with it. This is in partnership with the Fenton Art Council.

The Freeze Frame: Fenton Post, was designed by one of the staff at World of Wonder and Mora, both members of the Fenton Arts Council. Fenton Kiwanis partnered up by building the actual posts and helping transport them to and from the locations.

“By working together we can collaborate to do more for our community,” said Mora.

The Times has contacted the first place winners to learn more about their photos.

Terry Christopher from Fenton said taking the picture was love at first sight you sometimes stumble upon. “It caught my eye,” Christopher said. “I took the photo early in the morning of December 12, 2020. I was at the stop sign and since it was wet outside, the reflections from the lights looked perfect.”

Erica Dennis of Fenton said she took her photo of the Shiawassee River from the LeRoy Street Bridge across from the fire hall. “I took it one evening while out for a walk with my family towards the end of July this year,” she said. “I love this photo so much because it makes me feel like I’m in the middle of nowhere even though we were right in downtown Fenton.”

Fenton’s Aimee Boan said her mother Julie Sage took the winning photo in late September. “She sent it to me to check out how beautiful the moon was that night,” she said. “My mother lives downtown and enjoys walking around our beautiful city. When I saw a Facebook asking for pictures of the city, I knew I had the perfect one to share.

Amy Aulph from Fenton said she stumbled across the contest while scrolling through Facebook one day, so she submitted the last photo she took downtown on a whim.

“I had taken the picture a few weeks before because my sister-in-law who lives in Flushing came to visit us on a Thursday, so we spent our time together at the Fenton Street Experience,” she said. “I like living here surrounded by art and creativity. I also love showing others the hidden gems of the city, so I showed my sister-in-law the beautiful gardens in front of The Scoop, but she left before dark. So the next night my son (pictured) wanted to ride a bike downtown, and we did. We passed the volcano again as it was lighting up, so I took a quick photo to send to him.

Terry Christopher – first place

Amanda Wright – second place

Fair Aleina – third place

Erica Dennis – first place

Lisa Pearson – second place

Derek Jinks – third place

Family portrait in a favorite place

Amy Aulph – first place

Camille Coleman – second place

Amy Gonzalez – third

Favorite artistic element: sculpture, mural

Aim̩e Boan Рfirst place

Fair Aleina – second place

Terry Christopher – third place


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