Journalism Students Learn Video Editing, Fact Checking | Lucknow News


Lucknow: Mass communication and journalism students were briefed on video editing for mobile journalism and creating stories on YouTube during the National Media Festival hosted by “The Culture Factory and Fight Inequality Alliance” at the auditorium of the Buddha Institute of Research.
Students were also made aware of issues related to gender, the LGBTQ community and gender.
The three-day event saw the participation of over 100 students from various colleges and universities in Lucknow and experts in media, academics, theater, art and literature. It concluded with the reading of the Preamble to the Indian Constitution and the commitment to become a responsible journalist.
The session started with a video editing workshop where students learned how to edit videos using simple apps / techniques and add effects to get the message across to the audience.
Panelists said these skills will come in handy for those who want to pursue a career in mobile journalism or become a Youtuber or Instagram influencer. In addition, editing also helps develop the skills required to become a screenwriter or director.
During the session on how to control the stigma of people with disabilities, transgender and LGBTQ communities, the panelists asked the students to include these people in their circle of friends. This, they said, will help them understand the problems of these communities, which in turn will be reflected in their reporting when they become journalists. The students were also made aware of the laws relating to these communities which have evolved over the years.
Students were made aware of the fake news and urged to verify the facts before using it for reporting. Students were also briefed on various fact-checking websites.


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