Journalism or doxxing? News Report Reveals The Secret Identities Of Bored Ape NFT Founders – And The Crypto Community Is Not Happy About It


Members of the crypto art community have accused News of doxxing the founders of the world’s most expensive NFT collection, Bored Ape Yacht Club (BAYC), following a report from the news site that revealed their previously hidden identities.

In the article, published on Friday, New York tech journalist Katie Notopoulos named the two men behind the online handles “Gordon Goner” and “Gargamel” as Greg Solano and Wylie Aronow, both from Florida, respectively. BuzzFeed says it found Solano and Aronow’s information by searching the public records of Yuga Labs, the company behind BAYC. He discovered that Yuga Labs had been incorporated at a Delaware address affiliated with Solano, then uncovered other public records that linked Solano to Aronow. The general manager of YugaLabs confirmed News Feed that Solano and Aronow were indeed the founders of the company.

A series of 10,000 simian NFTs launched in April 2021, BAYC has a current trading volume of over $750 million and boasts a growing legion of celebrity owners, including Paris Hilton and Justin Bieber.

the News Feed The article came three days after it was reported that Yuga Labs was in funding talks with US tech investment firm Andreseen Horowitz, who reportedly value the startup at $4 billion to $5 billion.

Hours after Buzzfeed’s report, Solano and Aronow took to their Twitter accounts – run under their pseudonyms – to claim they had been “doxxed”, a term for the public revealing of previously private personal information. an individual or organization, usually with malicious intent. . This led to hundreds of BAYC supporters and others in the crypto world speaking out News Feed and Notopoulos of violating the principles of anonymity on which they claim their community depends.

“F**k Buzzfeed for doxing you,” wrote an user in response Solano’s tweet. “Absolutely irresponsible journalism and not their choice to make.”

“Normies ‘doxx’ but journalists ‘investigate’, writes NFT investor Joe McCann on Twitter, adding that Notopoulos should “be held accountable for such reckless, uh, reporting behavior.”

Tweeting from his personal account, Notopoulos shared a screenshot of a private exchange with an anonymous user, who threatens to reveal personal information such as his parents’ address in retaliation for his journalism.

However, as many have pointed out, Notopoulos merely revealed Solano and Aronow’s names, and did not divulge any other personal information about them. Additionally, advocates of News FeedThe article highlights the importance of investigative journalism to the functioning of a healthy democracy.

Some Twitter users also argue that BAYC’s massive earnings and potential multi-billion dollar valuation make them worthy of scrutiny, as befits any individual or company of such stature. “It’s a brand that raises millions of dollars […] Yet people believe they are like them.” writing technical journalist Maxwell Strachan.

“Nothing says business is legit like attacking the press for reporting who’s doing the business,” another user wrote.

Two other unidentified people are also co-founders of YugaLabs.


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