Indonesian Architectural Photographers You Should Know


Indonesia is a treasure trove of talent and includes photographers from all over the archipelago with a keen eye for detail. For those of you looking to be inspired, we’ve put together a list of Indonesian architectural photographers who should be on your watch list.

Fernando Gomulya

Fernando Gomulya is a professional architectural photographer from Indonesia and has lent his photographic skills and style to well-known architectural and interior consultancies and hotels across Indonesia and beyond.

Fernando’s passion for photography was ignited when he joined Perhimpunan Fotografi Tarumanagara (PFT) while studying architecture at Universitas Tarumanagara in Jakarta. His first foray into professional architectural photography began when he photographed an apartment and shopping mall project in Jakarta for an Indonesian design magazine in 2006. As an architecture graduate, Fernando uses his experience and knowledge in his photography in order to present the best and unique facets of each project.

Mario Wibowo

Mario’s passion for photography and architecture brought him into the world of professional architectural photography. Majoring in architecture, he spent seven years in the industry, including at a well-known architectural firm in Singapore.

Behind the lens, Mario helps clients document their works, build social networks and tell their stories on a different platform. His work varies from wide shot angles capturing the mood of the building to tight shots focusing on detail and structure.

To date, Mario has photographed over 1000 architectural and interior projects including hotels and resorts, shopping malls, office towers, restaurants, high-end residences not only in Indonesia , but also in Singapore, Thailand, China, the Middle East, Italy and the United Kingdom to name a few.

Mario developed the Mario Wibowo Photography (MWP) brand in 2012 and was renamed in 2020 to MW to include more photographers and expand its portfolio to videography and interior styling. Mario was awarded the title of Fellow of the Royal Photographic Society of the United Kingdom and was appointed Leica Ambassador to Indonesia from 2018 to 2020.

Ricky Adrian

Kie is an Indonesian photographer specializing in architecture, interiors and commercial spaces. Kie studied architecture at Universitas Parahyangan in his hometown of Bandung before working as a physical network development officer at one of the country’s leading motorcycle dealerships for more than 13 years.

During these years, Kie found himself accepting offers to photograph pre-wedding, wedding, fashion, portraits and eventually hooked into architectural and interior photography. Since then, Kie has become a professional architectural and interior photographer. Kie believes that meeting customer needs best requires trust, empathy, shared vision, good communication and mutual respect.

Rousdi Sanad

Rusdi Sanad has been a professional photographer since 2007. He focuses on commercial photography for businesses and architecture with a specialty in resorts and hotels. He proved himself worthy of the #wisdom and #awareness which he graduated from Multimedia University (MMU) in Malaysia. He seized the opportunity and saw huge opportunities in hospitality as his hometown of Bali flourished with tourism.

As his portfolio grew over time, Rusdi’s experience and honed photography skills had sharpened his instincts. His love for natural lights gave all his shots soul to the eyes that see them. Vibrant colors are captured in all their glory, and that’s what makes her photos special. #BaliRusdi lives and breathes by the #old#philosophy that sometimes people take for granted. He sees Bali as a #balineseas a place where he grew up and currently lives.

Antonius Widjaya

A passion for photography coupled with a degree in interior design led Antonius to fall in love with architectural photography and fine art. Born and raised in Surabaya, East Java in 1984 and a graduate of the Christian University of Petra, Antonius began his career as a 3D visual artist for architects and interior designers in Indonesia and the United States. -United. A frequent speaker at photographic events, Antonius is also an engraver. specializing in the creation of fine giclee prints. Several of his works have been exhibited in prestigious residential and hotel projects.

Antonius is a person who believes in the endless quest for perfection. For him, great art is synonymous with hard work. As part of his self-improvement, he enjoys learning and finding inspiration in books, walking around the same place multiple times, and spending hours shaping his vision in each photograph. He also enjoys taking detailed photos of everyday objects because he believes beauty is everywhere.

Chendra Cahyadi

Cahyadi’s passion for design led him to become an architectural photographer. As the head of his award-winning branding and digital marketing agency, Chendra finds a path in the world of architectural and interior photography by meeting many big names in the industry, not only in Indonesia but also in Singapore. and in Japan.

His works include residences, hotels, villas, resorts and skyscrapers. Based in two cities: Jakarta and Surabaya, Chendra seeks to understand the essence of each project and translate the client’s vision, spirit and purpose into striking images. He is a patient observer. whose photographs convey his understanding of architectural order and space. His attention to geometry, light, color and movement allows him to bring architecture to life not by standard rules, but by exploring his own creative angles. His works are regularly featured in company profiles, marketing materials, exhibitions, international websites and magazines as well as books on architecture and design.

Sefval Mogalana

Sefval Mogalana starts the journey to architecture and interior photography as a central vacuum system supplier in Indonesia. Graduated from the University of California, Davis with a degree in biotechnology with an emphasis on fermentation and microbiology. His passion for the world of photography actually started in college, focusing on travel and candid street photography.

Exposures to this world emerged from travel opportunities with Yori Antar and the Rumah Asuh Foundation, documenting indigenous homes that need to be revitalized for future generations and her journey into architectural photography began. For Sefval, architectural photography as a profession is a passion project. An appreciative journey into the world of design, the opposite of the world of science and the respect that design starts from a blank canvas or an autocad in the digital age.


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