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In the modern technical world, freelancers act as nomadic one-off hires who come on board to complete a job, then are released into the void. The boom in the economy of odd jobs and similar services has opened up new opportunities for those who need work and those who want to provide it, with entire platforms built around this idea of ​​temporary employment. This is certainly viable and has given individuals more reach than ever before on network systems.

However, these services tend to have certain limitations – each job is isolated and generally cannot guarantee follow-up work with the same company. Workers may not build themselves in any meaningful way – lasting relationships with companies are not guaranteed, interactions with coworkers may be brief, and long-term self-employment may be viewed negatively. It can work in parallel with a professional course, but does not necessarily replace it (or at least is more difficult).

Perhaps this could be attributed to the status quo and attitudes about employment, where an extended tenure at the same company connotes loyalty and merit. There has been pressure against this in recent years given how widespread platforms have enabled job seekers, but hesitation remains. Companies want to hire quality candidates, but prefer internal employees who have a proven track record.

That’s where Contra comes in, aiming to make freelancers work better in the broader context of their industries. Based on their pitch, he does this by focusing on networking first and then using that as a way to reframe our perception of self-employment effectiveness. Contra suggests that industrial relations matter more than traditional measures. After all, references are king.

In other words, people are your best bet for continuing new jobs, so let’s get away from things like how long you’ve been somewhere and where promote referrals, offering a path to focus on what you have done. As co-founder Gajus Kuizinas said: “… We give people the tools to describe their proudest career moments, publicly thank the people they’ve worked with and start accepting inquiries for opportunities. futures. “

The hiring process could use a modern refresh

Maybe Contra doesn’t say it in so many words, and maybe that’s a hard way to think about it, but maybe our current job evaluation models are wrong. Emphasis is placed on working in one location for an extended period of time and in leading companies. These are by no means bad indicators – there is something to be said about working in well-known and established companies.

But it can be blurry and obscure exactly what someone has done, which can hurt or diminish their contributions. If we focus here on the positive and proactive issue of hiring qualified people, what is the best thing to consider? The work.

Nothing is as precise as looking directly at the results someone has produced – that’s what matters. Quality trumps where you have been or how long you have been there. Take the focus away from “this is a series of one-off projects all over the place” and instead focus on how all of these things best represent a person’s skills.

This brings up a second problem: How can you best show it when trying to get new gigs? Sometimes a portfolio cannot speak primarily for itself, or legal contracts prevent asset disclosure, or someone may not be the best at selling themselves. Even with a killer inventory of projects, there are still hurdles to overcome.

A punch: looking straight at what matters

Contra has a solution for this – loosen up the high level relationships you have established. If you have people who talk eagerly about what you have done, they absolutely goes show your work. And they will do so with a level of excitement that will make a solid, lasting impression. After all, they have already received the fruits of your labor and they will be happy to talk about it.

It’s a brilliant approach that puts more emphasis on empowering your experience through the use of those around you. Contra’s solution is elegant – let’s allow our users, contributors, creators and freelancers to have access to a platform where they can create a network of people who can vouch for them and then actively use that social aspect. . Keep your CV and portfolio, of course, but use it in tandem with those who will raise you up.

It’s a move towards something more living.

Contra’s Community Manager explains, “Before joining the Contra Community Team, I was a freelance writer desperate to build new relationships with clients and other freelancers. However, don’t get me wrong, I didn’t just want to network for the sake of networking. I wanted to build relationships with people from whom I could learn and be inspired. Using other freelance sites, I realized I needed more of these platforms, not a quick one-off project with strangers (I don’t like transactional interactions). ”

It’s like a supercharged LinkedIn – instead of just listing a bunch of static bullets and hoping colleagues sound like a nice word, Contra’s hope is to take that last part and make it the focal point. . It’s a punch to have a network of enthusiastic people alongside a portfolio and / or a CV. This can include other freelancers, established employees at respected companies, or even well-known veterans who are jumping into new startups.

The benefits don’t end there: Now, a freelance writer has better access to mentors and forays into larger companies. Contra provides solutions to the problems that plague the independent consultant path by creating support at all stages of the networking process – education, securing relationships, building on past successes, enhancing a portfolio and building business. ‘a network of reliable and helpful colleagues. It allows a freelance writer to realize his true potential.

Voice over text

By providing an element of social support to the process of networking, job search and self-employment, Contra effectively addresses many of the shortcomings such a career path could afford. It helps create a way to repeat contracts, level the playing field by projecting experience and results, and provides ways to improve. He gives someone a voice by building a support team – there is security and strength in numbers.

In a way, it sounds like a modern and refreshing take on the freelance work process – something a little more real and personal in the business world. We are social beings – sometimes let others speak for us, even when it comes to our professional life.

In a new world where there are dozens of communities, why not one more dedicated to the job search and the hiring process? Contra’s platform can offer just that to networking as a freelance writer. It will be exciting to watch.



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