IIMC to introduce postgraduate course in digital journalism from 2022




IIMC’s new digital media course, which will launch in 2022, will cover robo-journalism, MOJO, AI and machine learning.

Digital media is an important part of journalism, with students finding placements in digital media houses, content creation platforms, and information technology.

The Indian Institute of Mass Communication (IIMC) will prepare the journalists of tomorrow to be tech-driven and survive the future world of AI-driven robo-journalists and news presenters.

“Technology, the Internet and smartphones have now completely changed how media works. Robots and artificial intelligence are the reality of today’s media. Technical competence is an important aspect of the caliber of a journalist today. Computers or robots writing data-driven stories, AI-based newscasters reading the news should not be seen as threats but as opportunities. And with that in mind, we are launching our digital journalism course in 2022, ”said Sanjay Dwivedi, CEO of IIMC..

IMCI is ready with the program and plans to launch the course next year. “For a new course to start, we would want our students to be on campus. Our program is ready and has aspects like MOJO, digital media, artificial intelligence, machine learning, social media, animation, games, applications and multimedia. Students will learn the basics of their use, ”said Dwivedi.

“The print media faces a huge challenge as the media industry experiences digital convergence. All media houses now have digital platforms. Until today, we have had digital media as part of our existing courses. But our students have been placed in digital media houses, content creation platforms, and cutting edge technologies, among others. Now, thanks to this course, we will create communicators for these sectors, ”explained Dwivedi.

To facilitate the learners of the digital media course, the IIMC Delhi campus is also increasing its infrastructure. “We have set up a state-of-the-art computer lab with 48 workstations. Having the right and up-to-date technology would be an essential part of this course, ”added Dwivedi.

The IIMC is already running short-term courses in digital media management, response and use for the Indian military, CRPF and various other government departments.

In addition to launching the Postgraduate Digital Journalism Course in 2022, the IIMC will also be presenting its Hindi Journalism course at its Amravati and Jammu campuses next year. For starters, all new courses would have around 20 places.

“In 2021, we are focusing more on upgrading our infrastructure on all campuses. In Amravati, Maharashtra, we received five acres of land for the construction of our new campus. The first stone will be laid soon. The new buildings at our Aizawl and Jammu campuses are ready to be inaugurated. In addition, we will continue to seek out talented teachers and recruit them, ”said Dwivedi.

Last updated on November 28, 2021



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