Hyderabad photographers prepare to visit the Telugu States and beyond to capture nature in its



Photographers in the city are preparing to visit the Telugu States and beyond to capture nature in its wildest form. From vultures and otters to marine life along the coral reefs, they go out of their way to get a glimpse of the animal Kingdom.

Famed wildlife photographer Masood Hussain will tour the country to capture migrating birds from around the world. “I will visit Mangalagiri in Andhra Pradesh, Bharatpura in Bihar and Lake Pulicat in Chennai, to capture the different types of migrants birds coming during those winter months from November to February, ”says Masood.

He will also attend the Flamingo Festival, which will take place in January in Andhra Pradesh, after a year of hiatus due to the Covid-19 pandemic. After that, he and many other photographers will travel to Chappar in Rajasthan to capture birds of prey, also known as raptors. Jodhpur and Odisha are other places the photographer is eager to visit to photograph migratory birds.

Srikanth Mannepuri, who appears to have conquered land, will soon venture underwater to capture marine life. “I have all the necessary authorizations to dive in the coastal waters of Andhra. I’m just waiting for the green signal, I can’t wait to explore the underwater life, ”shares an enthusiastic Srikanth, who is currently working on his“ Urban Wildlife ”series. The series of photos shows how animals have learned to coexist with humans, thanks to rapid urbanization. “I recently photographed a smooth-haired otter that was seen living among humans in Dhavaleswaram, east of Godavari.

Then I had a good click of an olive ridley turtle laying eggs on the coast of RK Beach in Vizag, a blackbuck and a vulture in Hyderabad, and more, ”he told CE. Srikanth recently received his scuba diving certification which will help him capture life in the coral reefs of the Bay of Bengal. His most recent captures are the dolphins he shot down using a drone.

Another popular photographer in the city, Dr Ravi Jillapalli, who photographs specifically around Hyderabad Central University in Gachibowli, has photographed deer, mongooses and spotted rabbits. “I also clicked on wild boards, Russel’s vipers, Indian pythons, sand boas and an eagle owl, in action,” shares Ravi. He will visit Lake Ameenpur, Vikarabad Forest and Lake Gandipet which are home to hundreds of species of birds and rabbits. November through January is generally a busy time for the city’s wildlife photographers.

An eagle owl by Dr Ravi Jillapalli



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