Hyderabad-based designers and photographers talk about fashion photography and more



It takes a lot of thought and work for a designer collection to speak for itself. Of course, there is the design, the fabric and the craftsmanship, but a picture is worth a thousand words. Photography plays a major role, the play of lights can change the story and the place can make or break the collection.

The approach to aesthetics has changed and the collaboration between fashion designers and photographers is more complex. We chat with city-based designers and fashion photographers about professional fashion photoshoots and what it takes to create an image that truly brings out the beauty in clothes without stopping the story.

“I start thinking about the presentation from the initial design stage. From the selection of fabric and texture, I have to think about how it looks and how attractive it is through the photographs, ”says Ganesh Nallari, who runs Chic Pea Studios at HITEC City.

Just as important as the design, he says, is presenting the design through the photographic display. “The process of getting the perfect fashion photo is complex because two minds work together to achieve it. The image should tell the story and not spoil the presentation of the clothes, ”Ganesh explains. These days, photographers and designers break the rules to get perfect images.

Most of them, instead of grandiose and ornate decors – which until recently were preferred for ethnic clothing – opt for dull backgrounds. “We want a grandiose-royal setting, but where grandeur is lost (like ruins and deserted historic sites). Through these places, the grandeur of the garment is highlighted and the complexity with which the design is made.

The backdrop is there, it’s not blurry, but it’s dull, ”Harpreet Singh, a city-based freelance fashion photographer who works primarily with big-name brands. Bombay, said. Without an appropriate theme, the clothes would not tell the story for which they are intended. The photographer decides on the visual appeal and the theme.

“You need contrast for clothes to stand out from the background noise. I use color theory and find complementary colors to accentuate the background, while keeping it in sync with the clothes, ”says Fahad Amjad, a fashion photographer who works with popular designers in the city. “A good story has a lot of characters outside of the main one. Photographers need to use props, lighting, background and location to tell a compelling story, ”he adds.

Perfect locations in Hyd

Taramati Baradari Resort
Golconda Fort
Tombs of Qutb Shahi
Ammapally Narkhoda, Chamchabad
Khursheed Jah Devdi
Wadakpally Fort
Ruins of Rachakonda



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