Government project trains more than 57,000 freelancers in 8 years


To help educated young people in the country become self-sufficient, the government launched the “Learning and Income Development Project” in 2014, which has so far successfully provided free training to 57 683 people.

The Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Division of the government undertook the project at a cost of Tk 319 crore, with the aim of creating 20 million jobs in the IT sector.

The project, active in all 64 districts of Bangladesh, provides training in digital marketing, graphic design, web design and development. The project has a 30% quota for women.

Anyone interested in registering must have a laptop, have obtained a secondary school certificate (SSC) and have basic computer knowledge.

Zunaid Ahmed Palak, Minister of State for ICT Division, said more than six lakh freelancers across the country have become self-sufficient through outsourcing.

“According to Bangladesh Bank, the country earns more than $500 million every year from outsourcing, but the actual earnings could be even higher,” Palak added.

Mahfuzur Rehman is secretary of the Bangladesh Freelancers Association and managing director of Rajshahi Tech. He said when he started freelancing in 2010, few people knew about the job.

“But now, thanks to the government’s ‘Learn and Earn’ project, this field is widely known and it has become much easier to get started as a freelancer,” he added.

Afia Jahin Khan has benefited greatly from the government project. She is currently pursuing a bachelor’s degree in computer science in Tangail and has undergone training in digital marketing under the “Learning and Earning” project.

She said: “My dad is paralyzed and my mom is the only breadwinner in our family. I wanted to help her and started selling dresses on a Facebook page, but the response didn’t come. been very encouraging.”

“Then I discovered the ‘Learning and Earning’ project and I trained in digital marketing. Now I can earn a lot of money working in outsourcing and manage the marketing side of my business myself. page,” she added.

Suruj Bhuiyan is another Natore freelancer. He said he was never very good academically, but the training helped turn his life around.

“Now my monthly income is Tk 15,000-20,000 and I am planning my future around outsourcing,” he added.

Along with the “Learning and Earning” project, the government has also introduced the “She Power Project” to create more women entrepreneurs in the information and communication technology (ICT) sector.


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